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We’ve been told by several people, including a few whose opinions we generally trust, that The Big Bang Theory has some very funny moments. We will never know. Yes, we may be total comedy snobs, but that’s not (entirely) the issue. We just can’t stand the laugh track. You could have the funniest joke ever, but the second you throw a laugh track under it, we check out. It will always feel like a sitcom (which is a dirty word in the post-Seinfeld world), and we can’t help ourselves from changing the channel.

Mendocino Farms has all the ingredients of a delicious sandwich spot: fresh, local ingredients, all smartly paired and molded into huge-portioned sandwiches. And they taste great. Like, really great. So why can’t we just enjoy the place? Because of the laugh track. Mendocino Farms has decided it wants to be your classic chain restaurant. And with their current expansion plans, they will be that very, very soon. While it hasn’t had a negative effect on the food yet (again, we’ll never deny it’s damn tasty), the experience feels too whitewashed.

From the company-mandated-super-friendly staff to the kitschy grass benches, Mendocino Farms is just plain trying too hard. If they served us the exact same food from behind a deli counter, we could really sing its praises as the best chain (yes, chain) in LA. Alas, this place has chosen its route (probably the right route if the goal is to make a sh*t ton of money). But for us, it could have been much more. As a place to grab a sandwich for lunch to go? Sure, why not. To show off LA to a friend? Not a chance.

Food Rundown

BBQ Pulled Pork

A perfect amount of heat in this sloppy mess of a sandwich. And adding in pickles and some mustard pickle slaw cuts through with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Mendocino Farms review image

A Sandwich Study of Heat

A turkey avocado sandwich with a kick. Jalapeño relish, chili aioli, and a side of salsa all add in to give this, the most LA of all sandwiches, a new twist.

Mendocino Farms review image

Prosciutto & Free Range Chicken

The addition of crushed honey roasted almonds takes this sandwich to the next level. It adds texture and sweetness to what was a savory, salty treat of a sandwich. We told you the food was good. Just get it to-go.

Mendocino Farms review image

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