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Where To Find The Best Sushi in Chicago

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Where To Find The Best Sushi in Chicago

Welcome to the middle of the country where we have an abundance of fresh water and fish. Somehow that doesn’t translate to a hot bed of sushi. But fear not, because even though lake trout isn’t a hot commodity (yet), humans are sophisticated people these days when it comes to shipping food. That means Chicago is still home to some excellent sushi spots where you can get all kinds of delicious nigiri, sashimi, and rolls stuffed with fried stuff and topped with mayo if that’s your thing.

Don’t settle for bad cuts and janky rolls. In no particular order, here’s where to find the best sushi in Chicago

The Spots



2651 W. Peterson Ave.

Some would say Katsu is the best sushi restaurant in the city. And we would say those people are onto something. Make like Nemo and find your way home to this delicious raw fish haven.


Mirai Sushi

Gold Coast / Streeterville
990 Mies van der Rohe Way

Mirai has been around for a few years in Wicker Park, but the newer Gold Coast location is throwing straight 100 MPH heat. The small spot near the Hancock building is fancy enough for people who live in the Palmolive building, but casual enough to roll into off of Michigan avenue in your t-shirt with shopping bags in hand.


Kai Zan

2557 W. Chicago Ave.

If this were a high school popularity contest Kai Zan would be the pretty blonde cheerleader. Although it’s not the sauced up shooters and ridiculous concoctions that you might hear about that we like so much. Stick to the basic sushi without the gimmicks which is absolutely top notch.

Photo: Facebook/Kai Zan

We’re on record as saying Tanoshii Sushi Mike’s is a weird place from an ambience and service perspective. But the sushi is good enough to carry the weight of the Bears offensive line.


Momotaro is like a well designed fun house of Japanese food and drinks. It’s all so pretty, from the basement Izikaya to the main dining room – even the people look good. Go heavy on the sushi in this Seen and Be Seen spot.


Juno Sushi

Lincoln Park
2638 N Lincoln Ave

Juno was so hot when it opened a couple years ago that it literally caught on fire. It was a while ago and nobody was hurt so official ruling says fire jokes are ok. They are especially ok since Juno picked up right where they left off and are still going strong.



Lincoln Park
2534 N Lincoln Ave

One of our go-to neighborhood joints. Take a date, take your friends, take your friends date. It works for all occasions.



River North
110 W Illinois St

The thought of going to Sunda is always such a daunting task because of how trendy it is. But we always love the food, particularly the sushi. D*mn you Billy Dec.


Toro Sushi

2546 N. Clark St.

If you’re into crazy rolls in a casual Lincoln Park setting then this is your spot. Add the BYOB policy and Toro is the epitome of that Big 10 Lincoln Park life.

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