Omakase can sometimes feel like high-stakes sushi gambling, but Ravenswood’s Q Sushi guarantees that your investment ($125 per person) is well spent on a relaxed fine-dining meal that won't require a last-minute dash to the dry cleaners. Uptempo hip-hop, vibrant sushi murals, and charismatic chefs make the small space feel like a party, but one where the questionable mystery punch is replaced by 15-courses of nigiri and small plates.

The frequently-changing omakase menu has pieces like fatty toro with garlic perched on fluffy rice, innovative options like honey truffle salmon, and a dessert unagi dressed in a chocolate banana glaze that sounds like a bad idea, but combines sweet and savory flavors perfectly. And in addition to the omakase bar, they also have a few tables where you can order sushi pieces a la carte. But the energetic, friendly chefs and their high-quality, creative omakase will have you playing another game of sushi roulette ASAP.

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