In a neighborhood that’s becoming increasingly more chaotic, Yokocho in the West Loop is blessedly easy. It’s a chill sushi spot next to Oakville and a Foxtrot in the courtyard of a gigantic new office building. Unlike most spots in Chicago’s hypiest neighborhood, you can walk right into this small, dark restaurant and grab a little wooden booth or seat at the sushi bar. The short menu has mainly handrolls, a few small plates, and about 10 types of simple nigiri or sashimi, with an option to get a piece of each for $50. The biggest surprise will be the pops of chili crunch in the scallop handroll, and the fact that you can have a quality sushi moment in the West Loop for under $100. That said, they do have a 10-course $175 omakase, because of course they do.

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