Kyoten Next Door

The chef behind Kyoten, one of Chicago’s best (and most expensive) sushi restaurants, opened a more low-key option next door in Logan Square. Aptly named “Kyoten Next Door,” the 18-course nigiri sushi omakase menu is $159 per person. And yes, considering that the original experience is a three-hour ordeal that costs over $450, Kyoten Next Door is more casual. But there’s nothing casual about the food—a dinner here involves phenomenal nigiri made with high-quality fish, heavily seasoned large-grained rice, and a piece of blowtorched wagyu that puts your favorite steakhouse to shame. It’s a fantastic option for a straightforward, classic omakase without all the creative small plates unique to Kyoten. Just don’t plan on eating here without making a reservation first—there are only 10 seats, with two seatings per night.

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