18 Places To Eat, Drink, & Watch The Seahawks

The most important season is upon us: football. Here’s where to watch the Seahawks dominate the field while also eating and drinking good things.

Editor’s Note, 10/9: Watching football is a little different right now, so we’ve compiled a list of great delivery spots to order from while you cheer on the Seahawks from home. Click here to check it out, and go Hawks.

You shouldn’t have to host a viewing party in your apartment where your friends will have to sit on step stools, your bed, and an oversized teddy bear you’ve propped up against a wall. Here are 18 bars and restaurants where you can watch the Seahawks.

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The Best Delivery To Get For The Seahawks Game

The Spots

The Masonry is a nice beer bar and pizza spot where you can show up with all of your friends and dependably find seats at a big picnic table. There are a couple of televisions scattered around, but you definitely want to be in the front area near the entrance for the best views. If the game happens to start at 10 am, they’ll serve brunch, but otherwise expect pizzas, meatballs, and a huge beer selection.

This is where you take your loud, football-obsessed uncle who wears an oversized jersey and drinks likes he’s 21 (but he’s 50). The space is narrow and covered in sports memorabilia, and you either sit at the bar or venture upstairs to stand at a table near a makeshift bar. Sluggers gets rowdy, but that’s also part of the appeal. This is one of the better ways to watch football in Seattle, and if you can’t take all the noise, just bring a set of earplugs.

If caves were dirtier, King Street Bar would feel like a cave. It’s one of the oldest sports bars in Seattle, and it’s below street level, so natural light isn’t really a thing here. Expect it to be busy on game days, so get here early and grab some wings and sliders. Come with someone who wants to watch the game in a divey environment around a bunch of people who will shout at the TV if the Seahawks’ D gets called for unnecessary roughness.

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Rookies Sports Bar & Grill

A real problem for sports people: when you’re watching a game and you have to go to the bathroom, but you don’t want to go because you’re afraid you’ll miss a big play. At Rookies, that just doesn’t happen - because Rookies has TVs in the bathroom. (Thank you Rookies.) For the classic sports bar experience, come here and have a server in a Seahawks jersey bring you a plate of waffle fries or some fried mac and cheese.

If Rookies is packed, try Backyard. It’s their sister spot around the corner that’s a little tamer. There are a few large tables if a bunch of people invited themselves to come along with you, every seat has a prime view of the TVs above the bar, and the BBQ here is great - especially the smoked brisket poutine. French fries make fourth-quarter fumbles less catastrophic, we think.

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We really like the big round booths at Local. They’re perfect for feeling like your entire group of friends is a team of sports reporters that sits around and talks about absolutely nothing for the camera. The nachos and burgers are also pretty good.

Supreme is a bar where we like to sit down and order spiked creamsicle slushies, and a massive pizza with a side of garlic knots. We can guarantee that the game will be playing above the bar, but it can get a little cramped in here, so show up early, or keep your group relatively small.

We’re not saying you don’t like your in-laws, but you probably like football more. That’s why, if they insist on getting a meal on gameday, you should take them to Lola. Specifically, Lola’s bar, where you’re in easy view of the TV. If you go for brunch, get the donuts. They’re made to order, and, if you set them in front of your in-laws, they might not notice you staring at the television. And just to be safe, get some other Mediterranean-type stuff like the lamb burger or the octopus with eggs and toast.

Tell your in-laws that you found a great place for lunch and that it has a view of Lake Union. And, sure, it also has TVs that will be playing the Seahawks game - but that’s just a coincidence. Go to Eastlake Bar and Grill when your in-laws are in town, if they’re the sort of people who like straightforward menus with salads and burgers. They can stare out the window at majestic Lake Union while you go to town on some wings and use your psychic powers to make Tyler Lockett run faster.

This isn’t a smelly sports bar. Quality Athletics has class. Sure, the servers wear cheesy baseball tees - but those are forgiven because they’re part of the general sports theme of the place. Come here when you want to sit down for a nice meal, and also watch the game. And while your mother-in-law breaks the yolk over her spicy rigatoni, you can drink your Rainier and watch the game over her shoulder.

Take a date for some oysters. These guys have been farming them since 1890, and their outpost in Pioneer Square is one of the best oyster bars in Seattle. If you want to mix things up, you could also get some dungeness crab or manilla clams. The tables along the wall are a nice a place to sit with a date, and, if you want a view of the TVs, grab the inside seat. If your date’s interest in Russell Wilson extends beyond his relationship with Ciara, you could also claim a few seats at the bar. The oysters taste just as good up there, and you can both watch the game up there.

Beveridge Place Pub is a neighborhood bar with a couple of couches, plenty of tables, and some old-school pub decor hanging on the walls. There’s also foosball, darts, and some pool tables off to the side. So if whoever you’re hanging out with isn’t into watching Kam Chancellor run full-speed into people, they can distract themselves with one of these games. One catch is that this place doesn’t have a kitchen - but if you want to order delivery, they’ll gladly hand you a folder of menus.

One way to distract a non-football-lover on gameday is with beer. This place has tons of it. Elysian is a local brewery, and they make things like a saison with pink peppercorns, a coffee pumpkin ale, and a stout with raspberries. (They also have some normal stuff, if that’s what you’re into.) This is a huge bar, so it’s a good place to go with a group. And if being close to Century Link makes you feel better about the fact that you’re not actually at the game, you’re in luck - Elysian is right across the street.

This is a German/Austrian restaurant that feels like an indoor beer garden. Here, you can get your schnitzel fix or just get some bratwurst and watch the game on a drop-down screen. So get a giant mug of beer and order one for your friend as well. If neither of you have any shame, you can also get your beer in boots.

Talarico’s has slices here are bigger than your face (unless you have a really big face), salads, pastas, and a kids menu. So if you’re rolling with a gameday crew that includes a few people who are still learning their pronouns, this is a good option. And if you stick around after the game, you can get your David (Bowie, Lee Roth, or Mathews) on in some Sunday night karaoke.

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