Where To Eat Near T-Mobile Park & Lumen Field guide image


Where To Eat Near T-Mobile Park & Lumen Field

Head to these spots before (or after) a Mariners (or Seahawks) game.

Your friends are suddenly unavailable during the week, traffic around that one section of I5 is a trash fire, and everyone’s wearing navy and teal. It must be baseball season. If you, too, are geared up for weeks and weeks of singing about Cracker Jacks while working on your farmer’s tan, a great meal is absolutely necessary to fuel all the cheering you’re going to be doing. Our guide is full of spots that aren’t too fancy, have excellent drinks, and are at most a 20-minute walk from T-Mobile Park. Go Mariners.

And, seeing as Lumen Field is right next to T-Mobile Park, you can also use this guide if you're attending a football game. Go Seahawks.


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Steelheads Alley


1201 1st Ave S, Seattle
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Steelheads Alley is a pub within a pub—think of it like a fishbowl inside Hatback Bar & Grille, only with beer instead of water, and the fish are on the menu. And while Hatback is bigger, prioritize Steelheads for your pre-game eating and drinking. It doubles as a Métier Brewing microbrewery, and the memorabilia-filled space pays homage to the Seattle Steelheads —a.k.a. the city’s Negro Baseball League team that played during the 1940s. If you came for beer, Métier brews their beer onsite, like the chocolatey Sherwood stout named after the Steeheads legend. And even though the kitchen is helmed by Hatback, there are a few (much better) food items exclusive to Métier, like a delicious smoked oyster dip, and onion rings fried in an IPA batter.

Fair warning, if you go to Vinason Pho before a game, you might not even make it to T-Mobile Park. Between the boozy Capri Suns, tater tots topped with beef fried in phở fat, and cheesy shrimp bánh mì toast, the Vietnamese bar snacks are so excellent that it’s too easy to have more fun here than at The ‘Pen. And if you happen to blow off the first eight innings because you’re busy slurping garlic noodles and camping out next to the self-serve tap wall, that’s OK—they have a giant projector and multiple TVs playing all kinds of sports, so you won't miss anything.

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If you’ve been looking for astroturf in the greater Seattle area, you’re too late—the old Quality Athletics building bought it all. Inside this faux grass-lined sports bar is Burb’s, which is a solid burger savior after hitting every beer garden in T-Mobile Park. Here you can have a smashburger or fried chicken sandwich among old photos of sports heroes and trophies, or take it all to-go and enjoy once you've climbed the 200th stair to get to Row Z of section 330.  

In the great Paseo vs. Un Bien debate, we’re Team Un Bien, which means that you’ll only find us at Paseo before a game, thanks to how convenient it is to grab a slow-roasted pork sandwich at their Sodo location before watching Julio carry that giant trident into the dugout. And once the sun comes out, the patio full of picnic tables opens up. Then, you’re free to have a double rum punch and watch the fans who didn't read this walk by with rumbling stomachs and $40 in cash they took out from an ATM to buy one beer and a single hot dog. Tragic. 

After a trip to Rojo’s, it’s inevitable—you’ll be headed to the stadium with tortas and burritos stuffed into every available jacket pocket. This vegan taqueria is just two stops away from the stadium, and also happens to be a short walk if you can’t find your Orca card. Here, they have plant-based al pastor and faux carne asada that beats any concession stand's ground beef and neon cheese. And most importantly, holding one-handed burritos keeps you wide open for when the wave (or a foul ball) comes your way. 

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Pioneer Square D&E



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For $11, you could buy 40 mini bouncy balls or a used microwave on Craigslist. But for the same price, you can have an excellent fried chicken sandwich and a Montucky Cold Snack at Pioneer Square D&E. It’s not so classy that you’d look out of place in your jersey, but it’s also not so casual that you couldn’t come here with well-dressed coworkers for an oyster-filled Happy Hour.

Why settle for expensive, mass-produced stadium food when Slicebox is .2 miles away? This is a New York-style spot that serves slices and whole pies—and the only one you really need is the Sicilian pepperoni pizza, which is thick and crusty, unlike the pizza at T-Mobile Park. Either sit down to have it in a room covered in vintage gardening posters, or take it to-go and snack on it during your walk over.

Altstadt is one of our favorite places to drink a big boot of German ale. Grab a communal picnic table with your friends and pass around plates of homemade pretzels, bratwursts, spaetzle mac and cheese, and many, many fries while you all get a good base layer of beer happening.

Derby is a very sporty place to have a meal—it doubles as a car club (as evidenced by the back room full of expensive automobiles). The menu has semi-upscale gastropub-style things, like poutine with smoked brisket and red eye gravy, Italian dishes like burrata and fresh pasta, and the city's best BLT. Plenty of booths make this a great spot for a group.

Yes, there’s a Din Tai Fung at T-Mobile Park, but wouldn’t you rather sit down and relax with your soup dumplings, wontons, and dan dan noodles? Dough Zone serves the best pork buns in the city, and hanging out in the comfortable space sounds much better to us than simultaneously eating xiao long bao, juggling a beer, and trying to catch a foul ball in your stadium seat.

This is the perfect oyster bar to spend time in before a game. At Taylor Shellfish, there’s sports swag on the walls and a kind-of-casual atmosphere perfect for a group dinner before the game. Drink some wine while eating ahi poke with crispy wontons, a cracked Dungeness crab, or fish and chips.

For a reliably great cubano and fries, go to Cafe Con Leche. Service is always pretty speedy whether you sit down or order to-go, and don’t get us started on the green sauce that comes with the fries. Come with friends for sandwiches and drinks before the game.

Flights of beer and some pub food before a Mariners game are always a good idea, and Ghostfish is the closest brewery to T-Mobile Park that also happens to have excellent food. The kitchen is 100% gluten-free, which means cheeseburgers on wheatless buns and an IPA made with sorghum and brown rice—but it also means pork belly croutons on salads. We promise that it’s all delicious. Just remember to ask for extra bone marrow aioli if you order the aforementioned burger.

If you’re not eating cheesesteaks and pastrami hoagies and buffalo wings, is it even baseball season? Well, yeah, it is—but you should be eating cheesesteaks and pastrami hoagies and buffalo wings. Do that at Tat’s, where the explosion of Philly sports paraphernalia should get you angry enough to cheer on the Mariners all night.

OK, Pick Quick is our 20-minute-walk exception (it’s a 26-minute walk). But if for some reason you're driving to the game, there will likely be absolutely no parking near any of the other spots on this guide, leading to you circle the block, scream some possibly profane things, and eventually give up and have subpar chicken fingers at the field when you show up very late. Don’t do that. Do the drive-thru at Pick Quick for some great cheeseburgers, fries, and soft serve root beer floats that will fill you up before the first pitch.

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