Lola is a coastal Greek restaurant in Soho that looks less like something you’d find on a Greek island and more like a place where you’d eat with Gwyneth Paltrow before catching a ride to Coachella. It’s a bright, attractive space on 6th Avenue with big windows and lots of earth tones, and it’s exactly the kind of spot where you might run into a peer who judges your taste in footwear. The menu consists of things like lobster pasta, spanikopita spring rolls, and chicken gyro bao buns, and it’s both pricey and hit-or-miss. The lamb chops, for example, are very good, but they’re also some of the smallest lamb chops we’ve ever encountered, and the saganaki fondue (which sounds really good in theory) mostly just tastes like the upper half of a pizza from Papa Johns. If you’re looking for memorable Greek food, we suggest you try one of the spots on this guide instead.

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Special Club is the jazz club below Niche Niche in soho. It’s a cool spot - just know there’s a $20 cover, and they only serve wine and beer.