Di Fara Pizza

Ever since Di Fara opened in 1965, top-quality ingredients and careful technique have set this slice shop spot apart. For decades, the late Dom DeMarco prepared by the pizza by hand with sweet tomato sauce, imported cheese, excellent olive oil, and fresh basil. Now, his family runs the show.

On weekends, the wait time in this place can stretch into the two-hour territory because the team inspects every pie, refusing to rush through the process. But every minute will be worth it. You’ve come here for pizza from the best, and you’re going to get pizza from the best—even if it takes all afternoon. Just be sure to order more than one slice, even if you’re not that hungry. Because after an hour, you’ll absolutely wish you did.

A few things to know before you set off on your Di Fara adventure: They’re closed on Mondays, it’s cash only, and there’s a Q stop just one block away.

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Regular Pie

The Neapolitan pizza at Di Fara comes covered in several kinds of cheese and olive oil, the crust is slightly crunchy and salty, and the fresh basil will make you wonder why every pizza isn’t covered in fresh basil. Throw in a little waiting anxiety and you’ve got some of the very best pizza in New York City.

Di Fara Pizza review image

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Di Fara Pizza review image

Di Fara Pizza review image

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