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Amai Bā review image

NYC Review

Amai Bā

Amai Bā is an exceptional Japanese-inspired ice cream shop in Brooklyn Heights that makes unique flavors like matcha chip and blueberry pound cake.

Vineapple Cafe  review image

NYC Review

Vineapple Cafe

Vineapple Cafe is a cute spot in Brooklyn Heights with ample seating, fast Wi-Fi, and an all-day menu.

Mint Heights  review image

NYC Review

Mint Heights

Mint Heights is a charming Brooklyn Heights Indian spot with a standout crab curry.

Din Soup Dumplings  review image

NYC Review

Din Soup Dumplings

Din Soup Dumplings is a solid option for handmade noodles and dumplings that doesn't require a trip into Manhattan.

Noodle Pudding review image

NYC Review

Noodle Pudding

Noodle Pudding is a cash-only Italian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, and it's one of the most charming old-school spots in the city.

Albadawi review image

NYC Review


Albadawi is a Palestinian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights with a large menu worth returning for.

River Deli review image

NYC Review

River Deli

River Deli is a neighborhood Italian spot in Brooklyn Heights with large bowls of pasta and even larger windows.

Where To Eat After A Run Across The Brooklyn, Manhattan, Or Williamsburg Bridge guide image

NYC Guide

Where To Eat After A Run Across The Brooklyn, Manhattan, Or Williamsburg Bridge

All the restaurant motivation you need to finish your run across one of NYC’s bridges.

The Gatehouses at Kings County Distillery review image

NYC Review

The Gatehouses at Kings County Distillery

The Gatehouses at Kings County Distillery is an outdoor patio where you can taste flights of whiskey.

Brooklyn Heights Social Club review image

NYC Review

Brooklyn Heights Social Club

Brooklyn Heights Social Club is an upscale cocktail bar at the top of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

Boutros review image

NYC Review


Boutros serves a mix of American, Middle Eastern, and Italian food and is worth checking out if you’re looking for a date spot in Brooklyn Heights.

The Best Restaurants In Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights guide image

NYC Guide

The Best Restaurants In Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights

There's more to these neighborhoods than overpriced tourist traps.

Pilot review image

NYC Review


Pilot is a restaurant/bar on a boat in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and it’s a great place to eat oysters outside (as long as you don’t get seasick).

Yaso Tangbao review image

NYC Review

Yaso Tangbao

For great soup dumplings in a fast casual setting in Downtown Brooklyn, get Yaso Tangbao on your radar.

Fornino review image

NYC Review


A pizzeria with a roof in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Heights Falafel review image

NYC Review

Heights Falafel

Cheap falafel, shawarma, and meat pies in Brooklyn Heights.

Henry's End review image

NYC Review

Henry's End

A Brooklyn Heights stand-by with upscale, old-fashioned food.

Chez Moi review image

NYC Review

Chez Moi

A modern French bistro in Brooklyn Heights.

Dellarocco’s review image

NYC Review


Neapolitan-style pizza in Brooklyn Heights.

Juliana's Pizza review image

NYC Review

Juliana's Pizza

One of the main pizza destinations in Brooklyn Heights.