Cafe Cluny

More so than any other section of NYC, West Village restaurants have a common neighborhood feel to them. Like the people who flock to them, these spots are understated, stylish, and well groomed.

Next time you’re grabbing food in the West Village, avoid the two hour wait at Joseph Leonard, don’t even consider the place next door, and get your Cluny on. It’s excellent for breakfast, and is a reliable option for lunch and dinner as well.

Food Rundown

Homemade Granola

I’m not exactly the granola type, but I had this the other day and now I’m hooked. And excellent specimen.

Baby Beet Salad

As close to perfect as a beet salad can get. There’s great balance among the beets, tangerines, and goat cheese.

Tuna Burger

Seared rare, what’s great about this tuna burger is that each bite comes out nice and clean, the sign of a well cooked piece of fish. The super soft bun is just the right size too.

Brioche French Toast

There’s a certain balance to French toast that makes it or breaks it; the outside layer, especially the crust (the best part), needs to have a crispy crunch to it while the inside needs to be soft and doughy, but firm and not runny. Cluny executes this to perfection.

Breakfast Club Sandwich

I love a good breakfast sandwich. In general, I think they get overlooked, which is unfortunate. Cafe Cluny’s double decker club represents in a big way with a heavy dose of fried eggs to go along with avocado, bacon, tomato, a great spicy mayo, and fries.

Crisp Pumpkin & Goat

Fluffy balls of goat cheese and pumpkin with a thin crispy fried coating.

Organic Salmon Tartare

Pretty standard. It’s nothing out of this world, but this tartare is satisfying and cleverly put together with sheep’s milk yogurt, chives, and beet scented potato chips

Colorado Leg of Lamb

A seasonal special that’s been kicking around Cafe Cluny during the winter. The sliced leg of juicy lamb comes laid out over a bed of mini carrots and crushed potatoes. Real tasty.

Braised Short Ribs

Not a huge portion, but an extremely rich and filling one that hits the spot. A big chunk of seared foie gras sits on top of the beef, with a side of potato puree and roasted baby veggies.

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