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Hello! Your curated May restaurant recommendations are here, based on the zodiac.

Hello and welcome to the Infatuation LA Restaurant Horoscope Guide. What is The Infatuation LA Restaurant Horoscope Guide, exactly? We’re so glad you asked. 🔮

Each month, we’ll analyze the stars and get in touch with the grander schemes of life, then bring you cosmically curated restaurant recommendations. Where should a Gemini eat on their birthday? How should Virgos approach the mid-month full moon? And what LA restaurant could possibly be luxurious enough for a Taurus? We answer those questions and more, below.


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The world is opening up for you, Aries. Now that your birthday has come and gone, it’s time to get in touch with your true potential. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all move into your native Aries this month, which means you’ll feel an innate boundless energy in love, pleasure, social life, and personal power. But what to do with all of it? Well, how about checking out a new restaurant? Aries, your May restaurant is Kodo, a traditional izakaya by the Kensho team that serves charcoal-grilled meats like Japanese eel, clams, and chicken thighs. And of course, drinks—expect sake, natural wine, and highball cocktails.


Not to freak you out, but there’s some turmoil on the horizon. Nothing big or major (not even the stars can predict that), but between Mercury in retrograde on May 10th and Gemini season at the end of the month, expect some crossed wires, delays, and mishaps when it comes to communication and technology. Do something nice for yourself, and book a reservation at Kinn. This new Koreatown spot defies all the stereotypes about stuffy, overpriced tasting menus—it’s laidback, feels like a candlelit sauna, and serves six courses of creative seafood for $67.


Happy birthday, Gemini. It’s time to have fun, you little social butterfly. This month is all about expansion, connection, and good times. Jupiter, the planet of growth, enters Aries this month, which lights up your house of communication. So go out, chat with your favorite people, and meet some new ones, too. Head to Bar Moruno, a new Spanish tapas bar in Silver Lake where the party energy hits the second you walk in. We recommend filling your table mostly with smaller dishes, like the silky smooth egg salad, creamy hen of the woods mushrooms served in a skillet, and a chorizo-filled Scotch egg that’s already one of our favorite bites of the year.


No offense, but this will be an intense month for you, Cancer. Specifically on the 15th when there’s both a full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio. You’re a water sign. Scorpio is a water sign. You’re ruled by the moon. The moon will be in Scorpio, representing transformation, life, death, and destruction. What does that all mean? Emotions will be running wild, and you’re going to need some comfort. A.k.a., The Serving Spoon, a classic diner in Inglewood that feels like the center of the neighborhood. Order everything you can—tremendous plates of fried catfish, chicken drumettes, and our favorite waffles in town.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)

Good news, the stars are on your side this month, Leo. You always feel like the hottest person in the room, but when Jupiter moves into Aries on the 10th, you’ll feel a boost of confidence that will radiate from your every pore. So go for it, be hot. Go to Mother Wolf, the new Roman restaurant in Hollywood. It’s run by the chef behind Felix, and is filled with big chandeliers, delicious negronis, perfectly al dente pasta, and, on some nights, Michelle Obama and the entire LA Rams team.  

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22)

Did you know? Virgos are particularly affected by Mercury in retrograde. That’s because Mercury is your home planet. So on May 10th, you might feel extra frazzled when it comes to communication and travel. Technology might make it hard to feel connected with your friends, so take things IRL and plan a date Mazal. This completely vegetarian Israeli restaurant in Lincoln Heights serves smoky baba ganoush and has an excellent wine menu, which means you and your friends can walk out at around $40 a head.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22)

Lunar eclipses are a time of transformation and change. This month's will shed light on everything that’s boring, mundane, and just generally not working in your life, creating space for something new. Celebrate that revelation at Ryla, a new Japanese and Taiwanese restaurant in Hermosa beach that, unlike many other spots along the coast, is dark, fun, and sexy. There’s a candlelit dining room, R&B blasting over the speakers, and a unique menu packed with ox tongue curry rice, black bass in a lime coconut broth, and brown butter mochi cake.   


Heads up, there’s an eclipse and full moon this month, and it’s in your sign, Scorpio. It’s a time of great transformation, birth and death, destruction and regeneration. Things you’re pretty familiar with, in other words. Your inner world will be broken open, and you’ll be feeling this eclipse more intensely than any other sign. So it’s time to get out of town and just relax. Preferably, by yourself so no one can annoy you or press your very sensitive buttons. Your May restaurant is Bamboo Bistro, a Filipino restaurant in Panorama City that specializes in crispy pork pata and kare-kare. A meal here is like playing Cooking Mama: Dinner With Friends for two hours straight: super comforting, and something we all need a little bit more of nowadays.


We would usually recommend something social for you, Sagittarius, but this month… maybe you should take it easy? On May 10th, Mercury goes into retrograde (and into your 7th house of partnership), which might make you feel jealous, resentful, or even possessive of your loved ones. Embrace this emotional time and treat yourself to a solo date at Lulu, the idyllic patio restaurant at the Hammer Museum. Stroll through the exhibits, find a nice spot in the sun, and snack on gorgeous cured meats, cheeses, and roasted almonds. And no fighting!


You’re in the mood for something new, Capricorn. May is a rich month for you—Jupiter moves into Aries, causing your house of social status to light up, and you’re ready to hit the town and soak up everything Los Angeles has to offer. Try Tokki, a new Korean restaurant on W. 6th Street. Raw Hokkaido scallops—soft and supple—are smeared in black truffle pate and dipped in hot brown butter. The kimchi fried rice is so beautiful, it almost looks like a Renaissance painting. It’s fun, creative, and takes risks, and we’d like to model our personality after it.


Your theme of the month is friendship, community, and expanding your circles. Think big group dinners, or hanging out in the park with a well-curated charcuterie plate. Or, Checker Hall. Located on the second floor of a former Masonic Lodge, the space is really just one giant room with big booths and a triangular bar in the middle. But the crowd is low-key, the cocktails are fantastic, and if you get hungry, there’s a solid food menu. Especially since now, they host Little Fish pop-ups on the weekend, where you can enjoy gloriously crispy fish fries with all your friends.


For many, this month will be full of turmoil, but for Pisces, the lunar eclipse and full moon in Scorpio will affect you differently. It falls in your fifth house of pleasure, so this is a time to lean into what makes you feel special, wanted, and at the center of the universe. The motto for May is, the more over-the-top, the better. Head to Bacari Silver Lake. Much like a 2003 romance/drama starring Diane Lane, this restaurant is inspired by life in Tuscany. Its sprawling courtyard is shaded by a thicket of trees, there are large, rustic tables in every corner, plus plenty of firepits to keep you warm. It’s farmhouse chic, in the way we wish our shared backyard could be (we’re working on it).


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