Saffy’s in East Hollywood is already as packed as its DTLA sibling restaurants, Bavel and Bestia. Here you'll find the restaurant group's most casual food offerings: the Middle Eastern menu involves shawarma plates, tagine platters, and juicy kebabs. But Saffy's isn't exactly laidback. Dining here means participating in the sexy late-night Fountain Avenue scene right between the Church of Scientology building and Found Oyster. You’ll slide tender beef cuts off of a three-foot skewer with a handful of fluffy laffa bread while a fashion-world-adjacent mob plops down in the next velvet booth. And there will inevitably be solo diners at the U-shaped bar scanning the room with rose vesper martinis in-hand (and looking good while doing it). Booking a table before 10pm might be a challenge right now, but don’t let all the hype stop you from trying. It’s the perfect spot to plan ahead for if you and some friends want a little bit of a party and a lot of really good food without any pretension.

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