Lovely, charming, delightful. Those words are usually reserved for pretentious arthouse films or our friends' babies, but at Dos Besos, they don't feel empty. Tuna carpaccio drenched in decadent olive oil, and imported ham—sliced ever so thinly—with a plate of grilled bread is what you'll find at this new Spanish restaurant in Pasadena. Paella is the specialty, served in a large, shallow skillet that can feed two-to-three people. Spoons scrape against the cast-iron in a pleasing way and saffron-tinged rice comes in a color akin to a bad fake tan. Get the paella del mar, a seafood-rich dish packed with mussels, shrimp, calamari, and two giant prawns. Yes, the bill will be very high (around $100 per person), and you will need quarters for the parking meters (this is Pasadena, after all), but your spare change is worth it, for Dos Besos.

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