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La Poubelle

Hours:FRIDAY4:00PM to 2:00AM

La Poubelle is a French bistro in Hollywood where the white paint is chipped in all the right places. People who live in the area seem to appreciate its somewhat chaotic presence and every third person who walks by embraces a staff member like a long-lost sibling. Any dinner at La Poubelle should be long, leisurely, and martini-fueled. All of the action is on the sidewalk, where diners in A.P.C. denim feast on buttery escargot, pasta bolognese, and baskets of thyme-covered french fries. Late-night (they’re open until 1:30am on weekends), you’ll find a lot of young people and Europeans shouting their phone numbers to each other over loud music. And it somehow isn’t the worst. 

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