12 Vegan Meal Kits That Are Better Than The Hummus Chips You’re Currently Eating guide image


12 Vegan Meal Kits That Are Better Than The Hummus Chips You’re Currently Eating

Completely vegan DIY burgers, curries, chilli dogs, and more, delivered from London restaurants.

London is a great place to eat out as a vegan. We’ve embraced biscoff desserts and plant-based cheat meats like Rocky wrapping his sweaty arms around Adonis. But when it comes to eating in, London restaurants have still got you covered with these fresh, DIY options. From a cook-your-own pizza party to a chilli cheese dog that will make you want to ghost Linda McCartney forever, these are the best vegan meal kits for you to enjoy at home.

The Kits

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A good burger equals a good day. That’s just science. But a bad burger that tastes like an accident on the soybean farm equals a meltdown rarely experienced outside of seeing someone with blue-tick status comment ‘stunning’ on your ex’s latest Instagram post. Avoid this emotional rollercoaster with the vegan kit from burger pros, Patty & Bun. Plus, they have a mixed vegan and meat kit if you’re looking to share with any pesky carnivore housemates.

Much like the time we referred to ourselves as Wildlife Photographer of the Year after taking a picture of a cat in the recycling bin, chances are you’re not actually ‘the best vegan chef on the planet’ for making that homemade hummus eight months ago. So when you’re looking for seriously top notch vegan food, turn to one of our new favourites, Mei Mei. Their Singapore meal kit includes a braised vegetable and tofu curry in turmeric and coconut with great sides covered too.

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There comes a point in every vegan’s journey where you must ask yourself: ‘Am I eating too much tempeh?’. The answer is probably - definitely - yes, and the solution is to mix things up with the vegan ‘naco’ kits from this Afghan meets British restaurant. If you’re wondering what a naco kit is, all you need to know is that it’s basically the fluffy lovechild of naan and tacos, and they’re delicious.

Presumably named for its propensity to make you say ‘please sir, can I have some more?’, The Begging Bowl is home to Thai dishes so good that they’d make anyone go pleading for another bowl of coconut rice pudding. Their vegan set menu for two includes things like stir-fry hispi cabbage, peanut curry, and chickpea shan tofu. You can check whether they’re delivering to you here, but be warned their meal kits sell out quick. Puppy eyes at the ready for the last bite of their green chilli relish.

Plot twist: a place with meat in its name is lowkey making some of the best vegan food in London. It might not make sense, but it’s tasty and that’s all that really matters. Every Friday Meatliquor are delivering the meal kit version of their vegan chilli cheese dogs nationwide. A true feat of engineering, you can pack the buns with plant-based franks, black bean chilli, vegan cheese, and as much pickled jalapenos and mustard as your heart desires. Prices start at £20 or you can get a pack of four for £30.

We’re one exceptional kari away from making WE STAN HOPPERS t-shirts. If you happen to own a printing business and want to make us a deal, please do get in touch. Anyway, the point is Hoppers serve consistently excellent Sri Lankan food and a surprising number of their signature dishes and sauces are totally vegan. One of which is their spicy coconut fever dream, the pol sambol, that just so happens to come as part of their breadfruit kari meal kit. Add some roti to your order to experience the dipping dream team, hoppers, roti, and pol sambol all together on one plate.

We once described one of Lahpet’s lentil curries as ‘very earthy and delicious’. You should know that we give few things the accolade of delicious and don’t describe anything other than our eight suicidal houseplants as ‘earthy’. If that’s not enough to make you intrigued to try Lahpet’s chow chow then we don’t know what will. You’ll just need to add water to enjoy this glass noodles, lentil curry situation. And the best part is you can customise your order for as many people as needed.

If our sink was leaking we’d call the Italian ‘mammas’ behind La Mia Mamma. Not because they’re renowned for some kind of plumbing side-hustle but because we’d trust them with anything, such is the power of their pasta. Home to some of the very best regional Italian specialties in London, they’ve expanded their vast selection of ‘survival kits’ to include a three-course vegan meal kit for £35. Yes, you also get wine. And yes, it includes vegan lasagne.

If, like us, you are incredibly busy and important people, you probably don’t have time for peeling carrots and sieving chickpea flour. You have far more pressing tasks to accomplish, like price checking bobble removers and Googling ‘what happened to season one Made In Chelsea cast’. Luckily, when it comes to this tofu and mixed vegetable curry, Old Chang Kee will do all the hard work for you. For under £13 you’ll get a portion that serves two and all you’ll need to do is heat it up on the stove. Easy, peasy, curry-eating joy.

Ever looked at an over-vegan-cheesed pizza and thought, huh, I bet this is exactly the consistency and colour of giants’ phlegm? Same. Welcome to the perils of bad vegan pizza, but at least with Passo’s DIY vegan pizzas you’re the one in the driving seat. For under 20 quid you’ll get everything you need to make your own margherita, plus you can ship to multiple addresses within the same order. Online vegan pizza party anyone?

Sit down kids, it’s story time. A few months back we ordered the Kin and Deum meal kit and lowkey changed one of our flatmate’s lives. This Certified Very Picky Eater discovered that they actually do love tofu, they just hadn’t tried it with Kin and Deum’s sauteed bean sprouts in garlic soya sauce before. This Thai spot’s at-home kit is on the pricier side, but for £42 you’ll get starters, sides, mains, desserts, and plant tonics. Oh, and maybe a tofu epiphany too.

This Peckham spot has been serving pie and mash since 1927. For context, that’s longer than Ian Beale has been on Eastenders. Fast forward to 2021 and they’re offering delivery on their vegan pies complete with all the traditional M. Manze trimmings. Think Build-A-Bear but with mash potato, liquor, chilli vinegar, and a bottle of sarsaparilla. A London lunchtime staple, it’s worth ordering a few for what we like to refer to as Emergency Second Lunches. Ian Beale not included.

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