The Best London Restaurants With Halal Options

29 London restaurants with excellent halal options

Eating halal means that you pretty much find yourself turning vegetarian when you’re eating out. And while most restaurants offer some excellent options for non-meat eaters, it doesn’t mean that watching someone else eat a burger while you’re eating another halloumi wrap hurts any less. Which is why we’ve made a list of some of the best London restaurants with halal options. From Lebanese bakeries to a philly cheesesteak-specialising dive bar, you’ll be sure to find some top-quality halal food at any of these restaurants.


Halal status: Chicken

Like finding a tenner in some long lost jeans, coming to Bibi feels like making the ultimate discovery. Hidden in plain sight on a corner just seconds away from the chaos of Oxford Street, this Indian spot is small but significant, with a menu of incredibly designed dishes, from melt-in-your-mouth orkney scallop in a tangy lemonade dressing to a tender grilled chicken in a cashew and yoghurt whey sauce that you’ll want to lick off the plate. We could also gush about the counter seating, or the fun gola mocktails, but the reason you should come here—and the reason you’ll definitely return—is for the sensational food.

Halal status: Chicken

This small family-owned Korean restaurant on New Malden High Street has plenty of seafood options, like an excellent calamari and spring onion pancake that we could genuinely eat everyday. You’ll be pleased to know that the chicken is halal here, which means you can load up on the addictive kan pung gi chicken, which comes in a smoky chilli sauce and is one of our favourite dishes here. The menu is lengthy, so bring a couple of friends and work your way through it, but make sure to book a table beforehand as this is a popular spot with limited seats. 

Halal status: Everything

Although it feels hidden, this small Malaysian spot that’s tucked inside Queensway Market, isn’t much of a secret. Because when you’re serving food as tasty as Normah is, word gets out. Everything here from the unbelievably crispy fried chicken wings and comforting prawn laksa, to the roti beef rendang is a cut above the rest. Come here with a group so that you can try a bit of everything, and then return alone so you won’t have to worry about splitting another flaky roti ever again.

Halal status: Chicken

Tooting spot Daddy Bao—who is very much related to Master Bao and Mr Bao—is low-key serving some of the best fried chicken in London. Which means it may very well be serving some of the best halal fried chicken in London. You heard it here first. Now, picture the aforementioned fried chicken inside some pretty incredible bao buns, topped with wasabi mayo, kimchi, and sriracha, and you’ve got a great night ahead of you. But as great as the chicken bao is, their shiitake mushroom bao has our hearts. And our minds. And first place in our Definitive Ranking Of London’s Best Bao. Order a selection of bao, fried chicken thighs, veggie dumplings, and then get another shiitake mushroom bao for good measure.

Halal status: Everything

Hearty seafood platters, tender BBQ chicken thighs, and sweet Spanish-style rice are just some of the deliciously messy things you can find at this Balham favourite. Their menu has a ‘bucket’, which very much speaks our language and is a must-order. When we order one, we like the lobster tails, but you can choose between those and snow crab clusters, as well as getting bang bang prawns, spicy mac and cheese or Spanish rice, buttered corn and egg, and Oreo-topped waffles. Basically, you should arrive here hungry. And also, always get an extra portion of bang bang prawns because you’re definitely going to want them.

Halal status: Minced beef

You might not typically care about whether the meat at a pizza place is halal or not, because, after all, the most important part of the menu is the saucy-marinara-and-gooey-cheese part, right? But that’s not the case at this Detroit-style pizza restaurant in Spitalfields. Because as excellent as the classics are here, you shouldn’t leave before trying the cheeseburger pizza. Ask for it without the bacon, and get a doughy, meaty, cheesy, pizza that has all the best parts of a burger (yes, it is topped with pickles). That said, don't ignore their marinara-heavy 'Red Stripe' or the margherita. Both are available by the slice.

Halal status: All meat is halal

This excellent Victoria bakery is churning out brilliant cheesy flatbreads, topped with all sorts of delicious bits that have officially made brunch hot again. With a menu of things like merguez and aioli and burrata and burnt honey-topped flatbread, as well as great coffee and a comfortable neighbourhood-y energy, Chestnut Bakery has mastered the art of creating somewhere you’ll want to spend all your time.

Halal status: Chicken

This tiny spot in Chinatown has some very tasty Taiwanese-style chicken which you can get fried-to-order. The menu is all grab and go and you can choose between things like wings, popcorn chicken, and flattened chicken breast. The popcorn chicken, which is a fiver for a big bag, is the one to order and everything can be seasoned to your preference. It’s the perfect on-the-go snack or for those times when you don’t want a whole meal.

Halal status: Chicken, lamb, and beef

This Indian restaurant has locations in Tower Bridge and Spitalfields, and serves some interesting takes on Indian food. Example: rasam ke bomb, a lentil-filled crisp served with a tamarind-based soup in a shot glass. The Kashmiri lamb chops are a must order, as is the aloo chaat. You can head to this spot for a fun dinner when you’re in the mood for Indian, but it can get busy so make sure to reserve a table beforehand.

Halal status: Beef, lamb, and chicken

First thing you need to know is that this restaurant has two rooms with two menus: one serving Italian food and another serving everything from lamb cutlets and wagyu steaks to sushi and dim sum. And while this Berkeley Street spot might resemble countless other high-end ‘fusion’ restaurants that charge you a week’s salary for a mediocre black cod, the difference is that some of the food here is pretty excellent. Don’t get us wrong, you will probably get charged a week’s salary, so make it count and try the sweet and sour chicken, the beef fillet in a black pepper sauce, and the spicy prawn moneybags.

Halal status: Chicken

What you need to know about Sidechick is that it’s a lockdown delivery operation turned wooden boothed chicken haven and officially the casual catch-up, affordable date spot, chill family meal, swiss-army knife of great restaurants. Did we mention the unmissable crispy potatoes and vegetable side dishes? Yup, they’re pretty fantastic too. Mates, dates, an aubergine and breadcrumb medley that will put a smile on your face, Sidechick can do it all.

Halal status: Lamb and chicken

Known for its lengthy queues and Bombay street food, this Indian mini-chain is now a permanent mood. A fine-I’ll-wait-for-an-hour-for-their-garlic-naan kind of mood. So much so that we have a whole guide on where to go when you’ve had enough of people suggesting Dishoom. We come here for the chicken ruby curry, lamb chops, and keema pau.

Halal status: Chicken

It’s not often you find great bao in London. And even less often great halal bao in London. But this spot in Covent Garden has some DIY bao buns with great fillings like a spicy citrus miso marinated spatchcock chicken, salmon teriyaki, and portobello mushrooms with wasabi mayo. The filling you should be coming here for though is the Japanese fried chicken. It’s marinated in buttermilk and it comes perfectly crispy, and with red chilli and bbq mayonnaise which, because it’s DIY, you can apply generously. If you want something on the side, get the chips and dips, Korean fried wings, and the veggie hot stone rice.

Halal status: Everything

This cosy little restaurant in Islington is 100% halal. Yep, everything, from the sirloin steak to the glazed lamb rack and dry cocktails, is halal. But what you should come here for is their excellent weekend roast. It’s the only thing they serve on the weekends, and you get a choice between dry-aged sirloin beef, chicken breast, or slow-roast lamb shank. Although we’d happily eat them all, the beef is the star of the show. It comes with all the trimmings, gravy, and a sense of satisfaction that you can only get from finally eating a halal Sunday roast that you didn’t make.

Halal status: Chicken and lamb

Corridor-like space. A rotating tower of shawarma meat. Taftoon bread on demand. Are these the specs we listed on our ‘pimp my ride’ application? Maybe. Are they more enjoyable inside this Soho restaurant? Definitely. Visit this Persian spot in Soho for mazeh, juicy kebabs, and a baklava ice cream sandwich.

Halal status: Chicken

Yes, we’ve made many mistakes in the past [please see: double denim], but putting Meatliquor on this list isn’t one of them. The chicken at this loud and proud American diner is very much halal. Which means you can get their excellent monkey fingers, which is Meatliquor for battered chicken strips in house-made buffalo sauce, their dirty chicken cheeseburger, and most of their starters and sides, which are vegetarian. Don’t leave without trying the hippie fries.

Halal status: Fully halal

We once wrote a poem about the saffron mash at this Michelin spot in Harrods. It went something like this: we love you. We’re not very good at poems. But the saffron mash is just one of the many things that makes this the restaurant you immediately crave anytime someone says the word yellow. Or Knightsbridge. Or coconut-lemongrass prawns. Order the butter chicken and pistachio lamb chops. At least.

Halal status: Chicken and lamb

We’re pretty sure that if you break Brigadiers down to ingredients, it goes something like this: three parts excellent food, two parts Thierry Henry oil portraits, and twenty parts unfiltered fun. We’re talking a pool room, card games, and live sport on demand. And if that isn’t enough to get you there, then let us introduce you to the best lamb chops in London. Uh-huh, we said it.

Halal status: Ask for the halal menu

This old school Italian spot in Kensington has been around for decades, and not only does it have some pretty decent vegetarian options, but it also has a separate halal menu which you can get by asking a server. Come here for big portions of feel-good pasta, and great pizzas at a decent price.

Halal status: All meat is halal

This Lebanese bakery is right on the A40. It isn’t surrounded by other restaurants or bakeries, it’s tricky to get to without a car, and it’s got some of the best Lebanese mana'eesh you can get in London, which it serves until 10pm. It’s usually populated with regulars coming in for a chilled brunch, or a speedy shish taouk and fattoush lunch. Although their mains are good, the real reason you come here is for the mana'eesh, specifically the meat and cheese, and spinach and cheese. And for £3.50 a pop you can easily enjoy a satisfying brunch for under a tenner.

Dilara imageoverride image



Halal status: All meat is halal

There are plenty of restaurants serving great Turkish food around N4, but this is the only one we know of that also serves Uyghur specialities. Whether you settle into one of their warm, cosy booths for a solo bowl of fat, slippery legmen noodles, or you get the large plate chicken to share with a few friends, you’ll soon see that this low-key spot has all the makings of a place you’ll want to visit regularly. Also, take our word for it: you’re definitely going to want to order a little extra to take home for tomorrow.

Halal status: Chicken and lamb

What if I’ve made the wrong choice? Why did the server’s left eye twitch when I ordered that? Did I lock the front door when I left? Yes, food envy can have you questioning everything. But you can relax, because we haven’t met a dish at this Sri Lankan restaurant that we didn’t like. Everything is excellent, from the dosas to the lamb shank buriani, to the biggest prawns you will probably ever lay eyes on. Plus, the food is designed for groups, which means your food envy can take a day off.

Halal status: Beef, chicken, and turkey are halal

Like flower walls and 19-year-olds on yachts, a Philly cheesesteak is something we’re mostly used to seeing on Instagram. Enter Passyunk Avenue, a Philadelphia-inspired spot and dive bar that you can experience in 3D. AKA real life. The cheesesteak is made with shredded rib-eye steak and your choice of cheese in Italian hoagie bread. It’s moreish in all the right ways, and once you try it, you will be back. They also have some pretty good buffalo wings if you’re in the mood for chicken.

Halal status: All meat is halal

In case you don’t already know, Gokyuzu is a Turkish restaurant in Harringay that lives in our hearts rent free. We’d go for the manti, the chicken wings, the cop shish, and the beyti. Yeah we know it’s a big order, but it’s the kind of food you happily takeaway and eat the next day. Or as soon as you get home. They have other branches in Finchley, Walthamstow, and Chingford.

Halal status: All meat is halal

All-day restaurant Beit El Zaytoun is making some seriously good Middle Eastern food. It’s a great place to enjoy a relaxed Lebanese brunch in their semi-outdoor area, with meat and cheese manakeesh, halloumi, and zait w zaatar all on the menu. It also stays open till late when you can get shawarmas and wrap platters.

Halal status: All meat is halal

The Mongolian beef at this Chinese spot, the London outpost of a worldwide chain, is more than enough reason to make that trip to Leicester Square. Those slices of tender beef in a sweet soy glaze, the dynamite shrimp, and the honey chicken should all be on your order. It’s a great spot for a halal Chinese feast.

Halal status: Wagyu Beef

If Coya was a person it would be the beautiful, popular friend of a friend who’s annoyingly nice and intimidatingly cool. Basically, as a person we’d probably find them depressing to be around. But as a restaurant we love them. This spot has some of the best guacamole we’ve tried in London, as well as some mind-blowingly good crab tacos, and some very good wagyu sliders. Plus the OTT interior makes it perfect for a celebratory meal.

Halal status: All meat is halal

As far as we’re concerned, burger options are always welcome, and this diner has one of the best halal burgers in London. It’s meat heavy, and the layers of cheese, the red iron burger sauce, crispy onions, and jalapenos make it an all-rounder. And to top it all off, it comes with thick-cut chips for £13.

Halal status: All meat is halal

There’s quite a lot of choice when it comes to Persian restaurants in London, with a large proportion of them being halal. But Sadaf is one of our favourites. This airy spot just off High Street Kensington serves some great lamb chops, addictive naan bread, and some of the juiciest koobideh around. The hefty portions mean you almost always end up getting some to takeaway - which is always a plus.

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