Lahpet West End

There are restaurants that are perfect for very specific situations. Say, that steakhouse that is so loud and obnoxious that you’re not even going to hear your boss complaining about something they keep referring to as OKRs. And then, there are restaurants that are perfect for literally everyone. Lahpet in Covent Garden is that restaurant. 

They already have their original restaurant in Shoreditch, but in our opinion their Covent Garden offering is bigger, better, and importantly, tastier. Downstairs you’ve got a buzzing open kitchen and big sharing tables that are perfect for anyone who’s on a solo mission to eat some excellent noodle soup. Upstairs, the lighting is a little moodier and there are lots of two-person tables that will suit a date night involving supersized king prawns, several small plates, and a round of their pickled tea take on a classic martini. Expect great vegan options, gluten-free numbers, and enough ginger to shock you out of your urban blues. Plus, they’re open from midday on weekends so it’s also a great option if you’re looking for some delicious post-retail sustenance. 

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