The Dinner & A Movie Delivery Guide

Where to order from, and what to watch: 26 ways to do film night, right.
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Food and film is one of life’s great combinations. And though you can’t plan on which restaurant or what cinema right now, you can still invest far too much time in choosing what to stream and where to order from. Because, at the end of the day (not that we know what day it is), there isn’t much else to do. So that’s why we’ve written a guide on some of our favourite takeaway and movie combinations. With our current viewing schedule we’ll more than likely be updating this regularly.

The Spots

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Little Georgia

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Film Pairing:The Others (Amazon)

“Children are terrifying. Yes, in the ‘lifelong commitment and I don’t really know how to change a nappy’ way, but also in the way that they can be pretty creepy. The Others is one of those extra-jumpy horrors about a haunted house and a family based in ‘some time before the internet’. Pair it with a khachapuri from Little Georgia, which is big enough to hide behind and offers the comfort of cheese whenever that ominous score starts or the kids start humming.” - HLB



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Film Pairing:The Shining (Amazon)

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But all bread and no filling makes me positively murderous. There’s no such danger when ordering from Dom’s Subs, because these sandwiches would muffle even the loudest screams. In fact, if my kitchen could ‘shine’ then the memories of subs past would show multiple former (crime) scenes. It always starts with two twin-like halves of a sandwich, and ends with bits of bresaola on the table, or red drops of salsa on the floor. More than once I’ve channeled Jack, tap, tap, tapping away before the doorbell goes and I tear down the stairs and hurtle towards the door. Here’s Dommy!” - JM

Film Pairing:The Blair Witch Project (Amazon)

“The Blair Witch Project is a true cinematic masterpiece. Why? Because if you watch it sober you will be terrified, but if you watch it after a couple of glasses of wine you’ll find it relatively funny and end up shouting ‘wipe your nose’ at the TV. A low-budget take on a classic woodland witch hunt, it features many creepy sticks and a lot of camping. And you know what camping always reminds me of? Tragic Super Noodles. Get yourself some of the best noodles in London from Murger Han instead. Chilli sauce and fear? Perfect combination.” - HLB

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Film Pairing:About A Boy (Netflix)

“I have taken to watching things that require zero effort. Join me on planet lazy, it’s lovely here. A place exclusively existing of re-runs and quintessential British comfort. And to me, that means Nick Hornby, Hugh Grant playing a shallow man-child, baby Nicholas Hoult, and the iconic song ‘Shake Ya Ass’. Deeply funny and charming, this film will remind you why you really should text your mate back, and has a steak sandwich reference that always makes me think ‘huh, could have me one of them’. Order a big one from Passyunk Avenue, and the best part is it’s absolutely covered in cheese.” - HLB

Film Pairing:I See You (Netflix)

“If like me you’re always trawling through Netflix for a good half hour before settling for a mediocre horror, then this recommendation is for you. This film is about a detective in a small town (which by the way is big horror energy) as he investigates the disappearance of a young boy. But that’s just one layer of this multi-faceted movie. There’s a lot going on, and a new twist every 20 minutes. Order the Brigadiers feast for two (you shouldn’t be watching this alone) and change courses with each plot twist. The lettuce cups to start, the bbq chicken wings when the eerie music kicks in, and end on the beef shin biryani for the final showdown.” - RS

Film Pairing:John Wick 3 (Netflix)

“If you’ve ever seen any of the John Wick films, then you’ll know that John Wick is not a man to be messed with. He’s loved, he’s lost, he’s avoided multiple lynchings. John Wick is an all-or-nothing guy. As in, he’ll kill all and nothing is safe from being transformed into a weapon of murderous potential in his hand. So with that in mind, we’d be terrified to see what he could do with a pair of chopsticks from Royal China. But his unforgiving approach is helpful when ordering from this stalwart Chinese spot. Just as he picks off bodies on screen, you’ll want to be picking off cheung fun, siu mai, and prawn rolls. All the dim sum menu, and some more. Show no mercy. He certainly doesn’t.” - JM

Film Pairing:Celeste and Jesse Forever (Amazon)

“If you’ve ever been through a confusing break-up, you should watch this film. Because if red wine’s match is cheese, then this film’s match is listening to five solid hours of Robyn whilst dancing. And when I say dancing, I mean, manically weeping. This modern break-up number is about two best mates, who also happen to be a couple in the midst of divorcing each other. There’s romance. There’s comedic heartbreak gold. And there’s an exceptional scene where Rashida Jones drowns her break-up blues in ranch dressing and burgers. Fuck it, do the same. Get involved in the venimoo burger kit from Mac and Wild. The salt from your tears will really make that bearnaise sauce pop.” - HLB

Film Pairing:The King (Netflix)

“I wouldn’t describe myself as pro-monarchy or anything, but I do loyally and unflinchingly serve my king. And if that involves rewatching all 140 minutes of The King, just to see Timotheé Chalamet emerge from the sea, sword in hand, looking like the bowl-cut lead singer of a confusingly medieval mid-2000s indie band, then so be it. The fact of the matter is that this Shakespearian butchering is actively bad, even with Robert Pattinson doing his best Monty Python-ish French accent. But it is good to look at, so you may as well make a meal of it with a medieval serving of beef, ale, and bone marrow pie from The Camberwell Arms, and enough booze to lead you confidently into war with an enjoyably subpar film.” - JM

Film Pairing:Just Go With It (Netflix)

“Let’s be real. You’re going to feel good watching anything with Adam Sandler in it. But Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston? Is it possible to feel too good? Answer no. This light, hilarious, and adorable rom-com is all about pretending. Hiring your assistant to pretend to be your ex-wife, putting on a pretend British accent, and pretending to love your fake kids. But most of all, it’s about family. So order the ultimate family sharing food, a couple of 20-inch pizzas from Homeslice and share it with your quarantine family, whether that’s your parents, your flatmate, or your house plant. And while you’re at it, order one of their bottled cocktails, add a colourful umbrella and in true Just Go With It fashion, pretend that you’re also in Hawaii.” - RS

Film Pairing:The Martian (Netflix)

“A Ridley Scott film all about a person stranded alone, tending to a bunch of plants, and eating ketchup out of a mug. Honestly, I can’t relate. Only rather than being in a North London flat surrounded by cacti and condiments, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is stuck on Mars after a space mission goes awry. He has 50 days worth of food left. I need to try and stop myself from eating 50 days worth of food in the next hour. Our plights, similar. But both of our problems would be solved by the huge La Mia Mamma survival kit that involves everything from charcuterie, to handmade pasta, pizza dough, wine, cannoli, and more. Although the Italian mammas behind this great little place might not have mastered intergalactic shipping (yet), they are delivering across the whole of London.” - HLB

Film Parining:What If (Amazon)

“My reasons for encouraging you to watch this film are two-fold. Reason one: Adam Driver’s face. Reason two: Adam Driver saying the iconic line, ‘I’ve just had sex, I’m about to eat [shouting] nachos. This is the greatest moment of my life’. An indie rom-com situation following Harry Potter (sorry, Daniel Radcliffe) as he tries to work out the whole being in love with a best mate thing. Which is lovely, but again, this is about Adam Driver. Be like Adam. Eat like Adam. Order some nachos, plenty of tacos, and obviously the churros, from Notting Hill’s Taqueria. And yes, Adam would approve of ordering a hibiscus margarita too.” - HLB

Film Pairing:The Platform (Netflix)

“Although The Platform is equal parts dark, twisted, and disturbing, something about watching other people’s lives depend on how much leftovers they can eat in two minutes, makes you kinda hungry. Which is why you should pair this movie with Yauatcha’s ‘Blossom Menu for 2’. You’ll have enough dim sum to make you feel like you’re on Level 1, and it’s not on the meaty side which you’ll realise is not a coincidence once you’re about 26 minutes in. And order some cake from Yauatcha patisserie, you’ll want it when the panna cotta takes centre stage.” - RS

Film Pairing:Phantom Thread (Netflix)

Phantom Thread is a serious film. But you don’t need to take it too seriously. Sure, you could enjoy it - if you’ll excuse me coming over a bit Sight & Sound for a moment - for the thrill of having your expectations of co-dependency in creative relationships masterfully subverted, but there’s also a lot of fun to be had. There are grand yesteryear-ish locations, a magnificent array of socks and ascots, and of course a series of intolerantly withering glances that lead character Reynolds Woodcock, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, shoots at anyone who dares to butter their toast too loudly. But then there’s that legendary breakfast order. You don’t need to use it as a basis for your selection from Hash E8 - I’m not even sure they’re delivering Welsh rarebit or pots of lapsang - but if you end your order with the totally random addition of sausages, you’re basically my hero.” - OJF

Film Pairing:Jurassic Park (Prime)

“Not everyone needs an excuse to do a dinosaur impression - my Mariah Carey-inspired velociraptor numbers are similar enough to the sound of foxes making love for them to go unnoticed - but if you’re looking for one, then order in from Four Legs at The Compton Arms. The first time I ordered their sensational cheeseburger in, I trundled up and down the stairs to collect it, caused multiple ripples, and inhaled it quicker than Samuel L Jackson does a Marlboro Red throughout this Spielberg masterpiece. Like cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies, Jurassic Park is a classic. So it’s only right you pair accordingly.” - JM

Film Pairing:The Terminal (Netflix)

“A classic warm and fuzzy Spielberg tale of a man who is forced to stay within the confines of JFK after a civil war in his own country means he can’t return home or leave the airport. As you can tell, I’m quite into films that depict people living through isolation at the moment. What can I say? I like watching Tom Hanks process loneliness, so I don’t have to. Anyway, there are plenty of scenes involving Hanks attempting to create a meal out of free ketchup sachets and crackers and I immediately thought ‘dear god, get this poor man a pizza’. Instead, I got myself one. Zia Lucia are delivering their 48-hour, slow-risen pizzas from Islington, Hammersmith, Wembley, and Aldgate East. Also, clap clap clap, there’s burrata too.” - HLB

Film Pairing:Snatch (Netflix)

“Back when you thought fake IDs and liquorice Rizla were life essentials is around the time when you thought Snatch was the greatest film ever made. And though Guy Ritchie’s Brylcream-slick style can grate the older you get and the more Nike adverts you watch, this gypsy crime caper is still a hugely watchable and quotable film. Short of eating jellied eels, a whole pie or a tray of cannelloni from E. Pellicci is the closest you’ll get to matching the geezer-ish antics on screen. Safe to say that, like Tyrone, you won’t be getting away from much after a tray of the caf’s legendary lasagne.” - JM

Film Pairing:Sour Grapes (Netflix)

“Halfway through watching Sour Grapes for the first time round I paused, started mixing Blossom Hill with Ribena, and asked my housemate to intermittently blow cigarette smoke and crumble bits of earth into the concoction. Sadly I never sourced an empty bottle of 1998 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and thus my career as a wine forger ended with a muddy, blackberry-flavoured, ashtray. Minus $35 million and a few decent-looking dinners, this is, in essence, a not dissimilar story to the one told in the 2016 documentary about wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan. It’s an engrossing (and weirdly inspiring) story that’s best matched with gildas, focaccia, terrine, and a whole lot of burgundy from Quality Wines.” - JM

Film Pairing:Aloha (Netflix)

“This is a dreadful film. Like, awful. But it has a stellar cast and I was ripely hungover, at altitude, when I first watched it. As such, the story of former US Air Force Officer Bradley Cooper being rehired by ex-boss Bill Murray to build some military thing in Hawaii while he battles past feelings for Rachel McAdams, and burgeoning ones for bolshy young Captain Emma Stone, holds a fond, if Bombay Sapphire-and-diazepam influenced, place in my heart. Should you watch it? Probably not. Will you? Yes. It’s linear, it’s predictable, and a fondue from The Cheese Bar feels like a suitably cheesy thing to eat with it.” - JM

Film Pairing:Erin Brockovich (Netflix)

“Erin Brockovich is a tale of justice, redemption, determination, and the power of a push-up bra. Based on a true story about a David vs. Goliath lawsuit, it stars Julia Roberts at her curly-haired, strappy-sandal-wearing, American hero best. Order in a different American hero, the cheeseburger. More specifically, the double cheeseburger from Beer + Burger, who are delivering from Notting Hill, King’s Cross, Dalston, Willesden Green, and The O2 Centre. Bonus points if you can time it so you take a big, satisfying bite of dirty fries just as Julia knocks out the line ‘that’s all you got lady, two wrong feet and ugly shoes’.” - HLB

Film Pairing:Midsommar (Prime)

“You don’t need magic mushrooms to fully enjoy Midsommar, just like you don’t need to join a Swedish cult, or be continually gaslit by your partner. But in lieu of those things, you’ll want to order Mr. Bao’s teriyaki-marinated shiitake mushroom bao, complete with miso mayo and crispy shallots, to add a little necessary fun(ghi) to the experience. In fact, throw in some sweet potato fries, tenderstem broccoli, and some golden kimchi and you’ll have a multi-coloured, psychedelic experience of your own.” - JM

Film Pairing:Matilda (Netflix)

“If recreating the chocolate cake scene from this Roald Dahl adaptation isn’t on your bucket list, then we’re going to assume that you haven’t seen Matilda. Or you were too busy trying to move the TV remote with your mind to take in just how huge and sickeningly satisfying it looked when Bruce ate it with his hands. And if eating a chocolate cake the size of a car tyre is supposed to be a punishment, then why has it been in the back of our minds since we were six years old? And where can we get one? L’eto Caffe’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake is where you can, and should get one. Think chocolate sponge cake, with chocolate cream and raspberry layers and a shiny chocolate glaze. Eating this cake while watching Matilda is the ultimate power move. Do it for your six-year-old self. Eat the cake.” - RS

Film Pairing:The Wolf Of Wall Street (Amazon Prime)

“This whole Scorsese film is basically just one big cluster fuck of greed, drugs, and Leonardo DiCaprio spitting. I love it. And you know what, there just aren’t enough films with lion cameos these days. The Wolf Of Wall Street is also about living the high life and it doesn’t get any more ‘I’ve made it’ than eating Hide’s seriously excellent fine dining food at home. I’m talking freshly baked madeleines, glazed salmon with white miso, soft-shell crab tempura, and a wagyu meatloaf. Honestly, the signature £24 black truffle croque monsieur is tasty enough to make you think ‘hmm, fraud, technically not great, but if I did dabble in just a teeny-tiny bit of money laundering, I could eat this for breakfast everyday’. Of course I’m kidding. Kind of.” - HLB

Film Pairing:Nights of Cabiria (Curzon at Home)

Gloria is a ridiculous, over-the-top, life-affirming, thoroughly joyous Italian restaurant in Shoreditch that’s offering delivery or collection. Nights of Cabiria is its perfect film pairing. Mostly because it’s got all those qualities in spades, but also because it’s thoroughly heart-breaking, and who doesn’t like to cry into a lasagne for four (for one) or a tiramisu for six (also for one). Be prepared to fall in love again and again with this mesmerising and irrepressibly optimistic Italian masterpiece. Just don’t come complaining to me when every other movie you watch for the rest of your life pales in comparison to its fun and energy.” - OJF

Film Pairing:Four Lions (Prime)

“Before Kim Kardashian broke the internet, four wannabe jihadists from Sheffield planned to blow it up. Chris Morris’ suicide bomber satire is, like the best British films, a story of poignant and fatal farce. Crows are detonated, bleach is bought, and mini Babybels are insulted. It’s the kind of comedy that could only come from these shores and, with that in mind, a trip down the chippy feels like the most fitting combination. Fish Central offers the classics and a little more, thanks to things like skate wings, scampi, and a prawn cocktail we can never say no to.” - JM

Film Pairing:The Apartment (Prime)

“I remember watching Some Like It Hot at school, but when I discovered the rest of Billy Wilder’s filmography, I had to put a firm hand on my own shoulder and tell myself to stop. Don’t gorge - I told myself. One day you’re going to need these... Little did I know that I would be right. That one day, the world would close and we’d all have stay at home for weeks on end. Fortunately I heeded my own words and have a stash of Billy Wilder films to watch and cheer myself up with. That said, I keep coming back to The Apartment. Not just because I relate to Jack Lemmon’s CC Baxter on a near cellular level, but also because it’s just so damned funny, and lovely, and lonely, and hopeful. It’s perfect. Pair it with a four-course meal kit for two from Juliet’s. It comes with a bottle of wine and crumble for dessert. Make it a theme evening by ordering a couple of marshmallow, chocolate and sea salt cookies and you get extra points.” - OJF

Film Pairing:Fractured (Netflix)

“How to describe this movie… you remember that time when you lost your card holder on the Victoria line and how stressful it was? Now imagine the same thing, except this time you’ve lost your wife and six-year-old daughter. Yes, very stressful. Which means you’re inevitably going to want to be eating something that requires minimal attention and both hands. We’d go for the cheeseburger, halloumi mushroom burger, some deep-fried mac ’n’ cheese, and probably some buffalo wings. Plus, whatever our roommate wants.” - RS

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