The Denver Brunch Directory

All the best brunch places in town, all in one place.

Brunch isn’t just a meal - it’s an event. Every week, you’re faced with crucial decisions: who to go with, how much to drink, how many pancake orders is too many pancake orders. All before even thinking about where to go. That’s where we come in.

Introducing The Infatuation Denver Brunch Directory, your back-pocket guide to the best brunch spots around town, for every location and occasion. Restaurants are grouped by neighborhood below.

Happy mimosa drinking, and remember - you can never order too many pancakes.


Bacon Social House

$$$$(720) 550-7065
Hours:SATURDAY7:30AM to 10:00PM

Any place with a bacon flight on the menu is a place worth knowing about. But Bacon Social has a lot more to it than just really good pork. With its multi-level indoor space and open patio out back, it’s not surprising that this place always has a long wait.

While we prefer Bar Dough for dinner, their new brunch service has already proven to be one of the best in the area. Plus you can get pizza for brunch, and if you ask nicely, they might even put an egg on top of your pie.

Rupert’s at the Edge

$$$$(720) 328-5806
Hours:SATURDAY7:00AM to 2:30PM

Rupert’s at the Edge is about the closest you’re going to get to a waterfront brunch in the Mile High City. Come for the comforting, homestyle breakfast, and stay for the views of Sloan’s Lake.

The Universal is a place that lives up to its name because it’s actually good at everything. The food, the service, the cocktails, the vibe - it’s the full package, all wrapped up and tied together with a pretty little Americana-diner-themed bow

“Health conscious” and “brunch” don’t always pair well together, but Vital has found a way to blend the two in seamless harmony. Must be magic - or maybe kale.

LoHi SteakBar imageoverride image

LoHi SteakBar

$$$$(303) 927-6334
Hours:SATURDAY3:30PM to 12:00AM

One of the best spots in the neighborhood to grab brunch and watch some early football on Saturday and Sunday. Especially if you’re dining/drinking solo.


$$$$(303) 995-8444
Hours:SATURDAY7:00AM to 4:00PM

There is such thing as brunch to go, and ProsperOats is where you want to get it. If you need brunch food to help energize you before a midday hike or bike ride, get some oats in your life.

Masterpiece Delicatessen

$$$$(303) 561-3354
Hours:SATURDAY9:00AM to 4:00PM

Legend has it the sandwiches here have a secret ingredient that cures hangovers. We’re assuming that has more to do with the beer menu than mystical powers, but everyone loves a good fairy tale. Especially ones that include sandwiches. And beer.

Gallop Cafe

$$$$(303) 455-5650
Hours:SATURDAY7:00AM to 3:00PM

Gallop Cafe is ine of our favorite sidewalk cafes in the Lower Highlands. A lot of people think of it as a backup option when its neighbor Duo is packed during weekend brunch service, but we’d argue that Gallop is a worthwhile first choice any day of the week.

The best place in the area for breakfast with young kids. The menu also has some pretty amazing grown-up dishes to keep everyone happy.

Old Major continues to be one of the hottest spots in LoHi, especially for brunch. It’s definitely a see-and-be-seen kind of place, but the food is just as good as the scene.

Root Down is the reigning king of Denver’s patio brunch options. Which means you need to plan ahead and get a reservation, or be prepared to wait - the crowds here tend to settle in to share stories from the previous night (over bottomless mimosas).

Like a lot of other Denver restaurants, Linger focuses on natural ingredients, healthy menu options, and local sourcing. Unlike a lot of Denver restaurants, though, it’s located in a renovated mortuary. If you have anyone in your party with any kind of food allergies or restrictions, Linger is the place to take them - their kitchen is known for being very accommodating to requests.

Lola is the spot for small plates to share and stiff drinks early in the day. It’s the perfect spot to relax without getting over-stuffed and to plan out the rest of your afternoon when you’re looking to hang in LoHi.

We’ve had our issues with Duo’s dinner service, but brunch never fails. This is your spot for early in the game brunch dates, if those are a thing. Order the chocolate French toast.

The patio here is great for a big group if you can lock it down. Though the indoor dining area also has a nice, homey feel to it. Most everything on the menu is consistently good - the only thing we don’t fully back is the burger (which is sometimes overcooked).

If you’re looking to walk in somewhere at 11am to mingle before stumbling out with your soul mate (for the weekend at least) around 4pm, Ale House is your play.

Recess is our favorite spot to meet up with our group to grab a bite and some drinks and plan out the rest of our day. A perfect spot If you’re looking to relax, but not lose total control of your day.

The Tavern is the perfect blend of biker, dive, and sports bar, with some of the best bar food in town. It’s a massive space filled with TVs and a handful of pool tables. Don’t leave without getting the tots.


Ophelia's Electric Soapbox

$$$$(303) 993-8023
Hours:SATURDAY11:00AM to 1:00AM

Ophelia’s lets you live out that fantasy you’ve always had about eating brunch inside a brothel. Don’t worry, It’s all legal - the brothel part is all aesthetic. The Soapbox has a great menu for everyone, and the space is always fun and lively.

Queso, street tacos, and a good chance you’ll run into the person you met out last night under less-PG circumstances are all part of the game at Comida. It’s always a great scene on weekends, but if you don’t want to be sceney, you can always just avoid it by putting your face straight into some tacos.

At the southern end of RiNo, The Preservery’s location makes for a nice walk if you’re coming from anywhere around North LoDo - especially before or after a Rockies game. It’s close to Coors Field, yes, but far enough away to avoid drunken stragglers looking to get rowdy. Skip the ballgame traffic here sipping drinks and eating sandwiches on the patio. Weekday brunch doesn’t get much better.



$$$$(303) 297-0700
Hours:SATURDAY7:00AM to 2:30PM

This is probably the busiest breakfast/brunch stop in town. Unless you arrive 20 minutes before they open, or 20 minutes before they close, your wait will inevitably be at least 45 minutes. Consider that wait your Denver hazing initiation exercise, because you can’t be considered a Denverite without doing Snooze - in the end it’s all worth it. Plus, the wait will give you a good reason to wander around Union Station.

Next Door Union Station

The de facto downtown way to brunch with young humans. If you or a friend has kids, and want a delicious and healthy-ish breakfast amongst a sea of $1,200 strollers, come here.

If you’re looking for a more upscale brunch downtown, in the train station, and can’t get into Snooze, Mercantile will treat you right. Their brunch doesn’t measure up to their dinner, but their dinner has set the bar really, really high.

Here’s the perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Despite indexing high with Bobby Bottleservice clientele, brunch at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is great, and worth putting up with having to hear about how the people around you “crushed it last night, bro!” The menu is impressive and damn tasty.

The Hall is a perfect place to take friends or family members who are looking to try something new, without coloring outside the lines too much. It’s an industrial-looking cocktail hall/restaurant serving interesting stuff like pad thai pig ears, bone marrow, and marlin crudo.

Most people taking in a weekend matinee at The Buell, have their pre-show brunch here. The locale is also a Denver staple with a great menu, so whether you have tickets to a show or not, this is a brunch worth experiencing.

Bistro Vendome

$$$$(303) 825-3232
Hours:SATURDAY5:00PM to 11:00PM

Sometimes starting off the day with copious amounts of butter and champagne is just something that needs to be done. BV offers great French brunch food, and is one of the best ways to take in Larimer Square.

Ellyngton's @ The Brown Palace

Ellyngton’s has been open for business every single day since 1892. When you want to get fancy and have some high tea, come here. Don’t show up unless you’re dressed to the nines and ready to drink cucumber water served by someone wearing a cumberbund. This is the swankiest of swanky brunches in Denver.


$$$$(303) 296-3525
Hours:SATURDAY8:00AM to 11:00PM

Given its location near our tiny downtown financial district, Panzano’s clientele is mostly business travelers from the East Coast adjusting to the time change and waiting for their Denver colleagues to stroll in. Simple but really good food. Especially the bread.


$$$$(720) 708-5957
Hours:SATURDAY7:30AM to 2:00PM

Come here for the homemade syrups on top of really good waffles, french toast, and pancakes, but hang around for the handful of “hot and boozy” drinks to wash everything down. This Downtown spot is definitely worth the Uber.

We like The Nickel a lot, especially for a debaucherous brunch inside of a fancy hotel. It’s probably the only place you’ll find a Bloody Mary and White Russian bar. Yes, this means you can build your own White Russians here, cereal milk and toppings included.

Wash Park/University

What we like most about Jelly is the simple stuff, like the fact that the service is good, the prices are decent, and that the basic breakfast of egg + meat + toast is always solid. You can also get fancy with benedicts, and the $3 Bloody Mary weekday specials are worth checking out, especially if you find yourself around DU.

A quaint sidewalk cafe-style shop with great sandwiches and the best croque madame in town.

Lucile's Creole Cafe

$$$$(303) 282-6258
Hours:SATURDAY8:00AM to 2:00PM

Lucile’s is as solid as it gets when it comes to breakfast moves for big groups and special events. Get some Cajun (beignets included) in your life, and impress your crew by ordering the off-meu favorite, Hank’s Eggs. Get here early if you have a large number of people - Southern hospitality is plentiful at Lucile’s, but they don’t take reservations.

Brunch is the star at this Southern comfort restaurant, with excellent items like a tomatillo burrito that we can’t eat frequently enough and chicken and waffles.

Sputnik is about as hip as Denver brunch gets. Polish up your best 1982 rodeo champion belt buckle because it’s time to eat a vegan cheesesteak. The place is named after the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, which we assume is either a metaphor for out-of-this-world food or a tribute to all pioneers.

Cafe Marmotte


Switch things up and bring your date here for 11am fancy French food in a great neighborhood.

Star Kitchen

$$$$(303) 936-0089
Hours:SATURDAY10:00AM to 12:00AM

Yes, dim sum in Denver does exist, and Star Kitchen isn’t just doing it for the sake of novelty - the food is actually great. Bringing in a group is fun, but there will be a long wait on weekends. It’s worth it, though, trust us.

Unlike many older establishments in changing neighborhoods, The Hornet has held strong as the place to be for burgers, brunch, and booze on Broadway. It’s a familiar face we can always count on and is surrounded by some of the best window shopping in town to help you walk off your meal afterwards.

Beatrice & Woodsley

$$$$(303) 777-3505
Hours:SATURDAY10:00AM to 4:00PM

Beatrice & Woodsley is as whimsical as a restaurant can be without being located inside the Magic Kingdom. The decor is straight out of a Grimm’s fairy tale and the food honestly tastes like it’s been made by fairy godmothers (the good ones). Being a little fuzzy from going big the night before your visit will only make things better. Bring your girls-day-out groups here.

If you want to bring in a big group without a reservation on the weekend, chances are pretty good you won’t have to wait long here. Good standard brunch with strong drinks, and a good central location for meetups that include people spread out around town.

Cherry Creek/Congress Park

If you’re looking for a classy atmosphere in an upscale neighborhood, with food and service to match, Quality Italian is your spot. You’ll find formal dining in a contemporary room with menu prices to match. The food is worth it though. Come here for brunch with your boss or your parents. Just make sure they pay the bill.

A grandfather when it comes to restaurants in the area, Table 6 has operated at 6th Avenue and Corona since 2004, and in Denver restaurant terms, that pretty much makes it the Parthenon. Table 6 doesn’t get talked about much anymore, but we’ like to change that, because this place is definitely still worth having in your brunch rotation. Probably your dinner rotation, too.


$$$$(303) 312-3107
Hours:SATURDAY9:00AM to 12:30AM

We’re in favor of anything with Johnny Ballgame’s name on it. This place has everything you’d expect from an upscale steakhouse: high-quality, high-priced food and a clientele that’s able to more than afford all of it. Perfect for entertaining your grandparents or your hard-to-please father in law (especially if they’re buying).

Another Italian spot on the list that we love. If you’ve ever craved meatballs in the morning, North is here for you.

grind kitchen + watering hole

Hours:SATURDAY11:00AM to 11:00PM

Grind only has about 10 things on their brunch menu, all of which will probably cause your cholesterol levels to spike. Also all of which are worth it. Use brunch here as an excuse to start getting back into shape - tomorrow.



Departure was a massively-hyped new Cherry Creek spot from the day it opened. We’re used to seeing that kind of hype fizzle, but Departure Kitchen, serving brunch dim sum, has the goods for a long run.

City Park/Uptown/Cap. Hill

Everytime we go to Dos Santos we feel like we’re on vacation. It’s a relaxing place with really good tacos and small plates, and is good for groups and early-afternoon dates. Go here when you want to hang out somewhere for a while.

Everything at OneFold is locally sourced (even the tea), mostly organic, and prepared and served with pride and passion.

City O' City

$$$$(303) 831-6443
Hours:SATURDAY7:00AM to 2:00AM

A vegan spot outside of LA that’s always packed on weekends is either a drug front, or really good at making vegan food. As far as we can tell, City O’ City is the latter and worth your time. Try not to get addicted.

MAX's Wine Dive Denver

$$$$(303) 593-2554
Hours:SATURDAY10:00AM to 12:00AM

You’ll occasionally hear us (kind of) jokingly complain about the influx of Texas things here in Denver, but truth be told, we love you Lone Star-ers and most of what comes with you. Especially Max’s. Laid back Texas charm and fun all around.

Brunch is our favorite time to hit Beast + Bottle. The scene is relaxed, and the upscale country house vibe fits perfectly with the farm-to-table focus of the menu. And if you tip to the savory side when it comes to eating on Saturday afternoon, Beast + Bottle’s menu is right up your alley.

Steuben's imageoverride image


$$$$(303) 830-1001
Hours:SATURDAY10:00AM to 12:00AM

Steuben’s is a modern diner that’s at its best on a Sunday afternoon. The Maine lobster roll might sound intimidating given there’s no nearby coast, but it’s excellent, and the tortilla soup is one of the best we’ve ever had. Plus, their ping pong bar Ace is around the corner, so after you eat, you can get a game and a beer in and say you did your “exercise” for the day.

Olive & Finch is a great neighborhood hang that has something for everybody whether you’re looking for just coffee and a pastry or a full meal of pulled pork and runny eggs in skillet and a mimosa. No long waits, no surly waiters, and no being abandoned after the check is dropped. Order and pay at the counter, sit down, and dig in.

Denver Biscuit Company

$$$$(303) 377-7900
Hours:SATURDAY8:00AM to 3:00PM

Fresh, homemade biscuits and arguably the best Bloody Mary in town are at Denver Biscuit Company. If the Hells Angels gang ate brunch, we’re pretty sure they’d be doing it here. In fact we’re pretty sure finishing The Franklin is part of the gang’s initiation process. It’s a rock n’ roll kind of spot with some edge to it, but the staff is nice as long as you are too.


If you’re this far West and stopping off for breakfast, you’re usually just grabbing a quick bite before heading into the mountains. Abejas is where you should stop, though odds are the food will make you want to stick around for awhile. This is upscale food that’s worth the drive into the foothills - the menu includes dishes like duck confit hash and the Alamosa striped bass plate. This is one of our favorite spots, and a lot of that has to do with their brunch.

The French Press Aurora

$$$$(303) 369-3111
Hours:SATURDAY7:00AM to 3:00PM

If you get marooned out East in Aurora for some reason, the meal you have before heading back is going to be really important, especially with the way traffic is now. We’re pretty sure that’s why The French Press was opened. A breakfast or brunch here shouldn’t be missed if you’re in the area.

Four Friends Kitchen

$$$$(303) 388-8299
Hours:SATURDAY6:30AM to 2:30PM

This is probably the best restaurant in the Stapleton area. Give yourself some extra time before heading to DIA next time you have a weekend flight for some scratch pancakes.

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