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You know what you don't need? Another food website to tell you that Cherry Cricket has good hamburgers. But here we are, with a review of it anyway. Get ready to hear some things you've already heard before, right? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Here's the thing about the Cherry Cricket. This has been one of Denver's most famous restaurants since way before Guy Fieri figured out where Colorado is and put it on Diners Drive Ins and Dives. It's actually the first restaurant I can remember that had any sort of recognition on a national scale besides Casa Bonita (thanks, Cartman), largely due to the fact that they took the build-your-own burger concept from "Fuddruckers" to "sure, put some f*cking peanut butter on there." There's no doubt that Cherry Cricket is important to this city's food identity, and I absolutely love it. But I don't necessarily think the burgers are the best in Denver. At least not these days.

So if the Cricket isn't home to Colorado's number one hamburger, what makes it so special? Everything else. It's the ultimate Denver neighborhood hang. It's the place where you come to have lunch on the patio with a giant beer even though it's Tuesday. It's the place where all your friends from grade school meet to get drunk the night before Thanksgiving. It's the place where you eat onion rings and then play some darts with greasy fingers. And yes, it's the place that will put peanut butter on top of a pile of hot ground beef, despite god and nature's wishes, just because that's what you want.

We don't usually go that far - green chile and white cheddar is my move. Others here at The Infatuation have been known to go jalapeño and cream cheese. No matter what you do, you'll like what you have in front of you. But more importantly, you'll like where you are.

Food Rundown

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So the key to Cherry Cricket is customization. There are no pre-arranged burgers on this menu. Just the option of 1/2 or 1/4 pounds of beef, and then a litany of toppings that run the gamut from corned beef to guacamole to grape jelly to wing sauce. Get as weird as you want, but know that a slice of green chile is an absolute must. It'll be big, it'll be greasy, and it'll be glorious.

Other Stuff

The menu at The Cricket is massive. There are four full pages of bar food options. I essentially grew up down the street and I have never personally met a single person who has eaten any of it. That's not to say there aren't some great things other than burgers - supposedly the chile is good, and we've heard that some like the wings. But you're really here for a hamburger.



Onion Rings

The onion rings might be the best thing here. You want some. Don't want to commit to a full basket on your own? Get a half order mixed in with some fries, aka "frings." Because that's probably healthier...

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