If you’ve been planning on finally confessing some deep feelings to someone and need a white tablecloth to do it over, Restaurant Olivia is probably a good room for it. Especially if that certain someone likes quiet, candle-lit dining rooms complete with the kind of service that is usually reserved for visiting dignitaries. You can expect the homemade pasta to feature ingredients like black truffle, bay scallops, and Maine lobster. But even if you’re someone who enjoys eating their body weight in noodles alone, no visit here is complete without a plate of seared foie gras, which comes spread atop some pillowy banana bread and is served with a bacon and Madeira jus, and a legitimately transformative foie gras gelato. And as with everything else, the cocktails here (and even non-alcoholic drinks) are approachable, despite being made with teas, house infusions, and even foraged ingredients. There’s a Nutella Boulevardier and a Carrot Negroni, each of which works even better than it looks on paper.

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