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Originally hailing from the great city of Detroit, Sam Faye has spent an immeasurable amount of time eating in Chicago’s greatest (and often most mediocre) restaurants. Having spent more than two years as The Infatuation’s Chicago Content Lead, we bailed him out from eating two dinners every night and moved him to New York to run operations. He still eats two dinners on occasion, but that’s his own decision.

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Lou Mitchell's review image

CHI Review

Lou Mitchell's

A classic diner menu at a classic Chicago restaurant.

Small Cheval review image

CHI Review

Small Cheval

Small Cheval, from the makers of Au Cheval. Good news, the burgers here are also great.

The First Timer’s Guide To Eating In Chicago guide image

CHI Guide

The First Timer’s Guide To Eating In Chicago

Not every great restaurant in Chicago—just the ones you should have on your list while you’re getting acquainted.

L’Patron review image

CHI Review


A good spot to know for tacos. Give the house special gringa or gringo a try.

Sticky Rice review image

CHI Review

Sticky Rice

Casual Thai that’s worth a trip to North Center.

DMK Burger Bar review image

CHI Review

DMK Burger Bar

Burgers, beers, and delicious milkshakes.

Furama review image

CHI Review


Furama is a Chinese restaurant in Uptown.