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Small Cheval review image

CHI Review

Small Cheval
American in Logan Square

Small Cheval, from the makers of Au Cheval. Good news, the burgers here are also great.

Portillo’s review image

CHI Review

American in River North

A rooster thunderdome full of hot dogs, Italian beefs, and chocolate cake shakes.

Billy Goat Tavern review image

CHI Review

Billy Goat Tavern
American in Magnificent Mile

An iconic dive burger bar that we fully support.

Good Stuff Eatery review image

CHI Review

Good Stuff Eatery
American in Loop

Good Stuff Eatery is a fast-casual burger joint that we don't much care for.

Q-Tine review image

CHI Review

American in Logan Square

Somehow topping french fries with cheese, gravy, and various meats misses the mark at this poutine centric spot.

BIG & little’s review image

CHI Review

BIG & little’s
American in Gold Coast

Funky, fresh, and delicious.