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Superdawg is the iconic 1950’s style drive-in on the edge of the Chicago city limits in what is technically Norwood Park.

What makes Superdawg so iconic? A few things. For one, the giant plastic hot dogs on top of the building. They will catch your eye, although we aren’t sure if you’ll react by saying “that’s a really cute plastic hot dog couple,” or by thinking they’ll give you nightmares for days. But when you know the two giant plastic dogs are meant to represent the couple who opened Superdawg in 1948, it’s all pretty endearing.

Superdawg remains a true drive-in with carhop service. Pull up to any carport, place an order through the old school looking menu/speakerbox in front of you, and blast your favorite John Mellencamp song while you you wait for your food. The wait staff doesn’t come out on roller skates, but they will hook a tray that carries all of your food on to the edge of your car window.

Aside from the nostalgia of a drive-in and carhop service, Superdawg isn’t mailing it in on the food. The Superdawg is their take on the classic Chicago hot dog, and it’s differentiated by the slightly spicier beef and a pickled green tomato. The rest of the menu is pretty typical with some not so typical names. Get yourself a Superburger, Whoopercheesie, or some Superchickenmidgees if you choose, and of course no meal is complete without a shake or malt.

You can go inside and grab a bite if you’re in a hurry, but the whole experience is where it’s at. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the classic atmosphere and food from the seat of your car.

Food Rundown


According to them, it’s not a wiener, not a frankfruter, and not a red hot - it’s a Superdawg. Served on a poppy seed bun, this 100% pure beef hot dog is a little spicier than most and topped with a green tomato, otherwise it’s the usual stuff.

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A polish sausage served on an onion roll type bun with grilled onions and a pickle. A good alternative to the Superdawg.


A double cheeseburger that’s all around not bad. Singular versions are offered in the form of a Superburger and Supercheesie.

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Crinkle-cut fries that get the job done.

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In true drive-in style, you should probably cap your meal off with one of these. Regular shakes and malts are thick and delicious, while Supersodas are scoops of ice cream over chocolate, strawberry, or pineapple soda with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Superdawg review image

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