Alegrias Seafood Chicago

If you’re a fan of shellfish, you should be mad at yourself if you don’t know Veneno De Nayarit. They specialize in Nayarit-style dishes, and with Nayarit being a Mexican state that borders the Pacific Ocean, you can expect a lot of delicious fish and spices in the mix.

This casual spot in Wicker Park serves some of the best lobster, crab, and prawns you’ll ever eat. And despite having two floors, it’s still not the biggest place, so depending on the size of your party and timing you may have to wait a minute for a table. But whether you have a group of two or twelve, expect a fun atmosphere with a spectrum of people ranging from families to frat bros. Sharing is necessary, so talk over the menu before ordering. That said, you should stick to the house specials, particularly the lobster and prawns highlighted in the Food Rundown below.

The restaurant is also BYOB, but make sure to stop at your local liquor store first because the closest to Alegrias isn’t close enough. We prefer plenty of light beers and tequila to keep us going through the meal without impeding our ability to eat.

Food Rundown


No need to decide whether or not you want to order the ceviche, because it’s coming to the table as soon as you sit down. Accompanied with some tostadas and a house made hot sauce, it’s a good way to start the meal.


Alright, so not everyone can be perfect. You don’t really need an appetizer anyway, so skip ’em.

Stuffed Lobster

A giant lobster baked and jam-packed with a seafood stuffing, octopus being the lead ingredient. The seafood stuffing could be a meal in itself, but this massive tray comes with rice, vegetables, and fries too. Don’t ignore these fillers, they are ideal for soaking up leftover prawn sauce that will inevitably be left taunting you.

Prawns Nayarit Style

Prawns in a thin tomato-based broth with some onions, garlic, and other secret ingredients. Along with the stuffed lobster, it’s the reason you’re here. Served in three different sizes, the number of people at your table should determine how many you get.

Special Octopus

Grilled octopus cooked in a sauce with a spicy kick. Order this.

Marinated Red Snapper Nayarit Style

A whole red snapper with a nice fry. It won’t wow you like the prawns or stuffed lobster, but if you have a big group this is a good way to mix things up.

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