Where To Pick Up Breakfast Pastries For Christmas Morning

All the cinnamon rolls, croissants, buns, and other baked things you could possibly want.

Where To Pick Up Breakfast Pastries For Christmas Morning guide image

photo credit: Christina Slaton

You know what you might not want to do on Christmas Day? Cook breakfast, or search fruitlessly for an open bakery that hasn’t already sold out of everything good. If this is the case, but you still want something special, fill your home with the fresh-baked smell of someone else’s hard work. Here are 10 spots that have things like take-and-bake cinnamon rolls, scones, croissants, and other celebratory baked goods, all available to be picked up the day before (or even the day-of) the holiday.

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The Spots

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Baker Miller

$$$$(312) 208-5639

Get cinnamon rolls from Baker Miller, a fantastic Lincoln Square bakery that mills its own grain. For Christmas morning, they’re selling tins by the half-dozen with glaze on the side. You just pull them out of the fridge, let them rise for 45 minutes, and then throw them in the oven.

Avec’s frozen cinnamon rolls bake up very gooey, and come with a half-pint of brown butter glaze that’s not too sweet. You can also order these exact same cinnamon rolls from The Publican or Publican Quality Meats since they’re owned by the same team and all exist within blocks of each other in the West Loop.

Like Baker Miller, Lost Larson also mills its own grain to make flour for their breads and pastries. For the holiday, pick up one of their four-packs of frozen cinnamon rolls that come with a tart and sweet citrus cream cheese frosting.

Aya has a lot of things that you can pretend you made from scratch. For example, take-and-bake croissants (regular, chocolate, or ham and cheese), biscuits, and a variety of scones. And like everything that comes out of this West Town bakery’s kitchen, you can count on them to be fantastic.

We’re pretty sure Floriole wants you to have breakfast in bed on Christmas. Along with take-and-bake honey pecan sticky buns (please get these) and croissants, they’re also selling a Christmas morning breakfast kit. It includes their take-and-bake croissants, a bag of coffee, European butter, eggs, bacon, and housemade jam. Exactly the kind of meal that should come on a tray, delivered by precocious children, before you discover a new car with a bright red ribbon in the driveway. Maybe next year.

Spinning J is known primarily for their great pie, so that’s what normally comes to mind when we think of this bakery in Humboldt Park. And while you should definitely consider putting a key lime hibiscus in your virtual basket, also include some of their frozen sourdough cinnamon rolls, ham and cheese or blueberry scones, or biscuits for Christmas morning.

This brewery has great pizza and beer, but the reason we keep refreshing Middle Brow’s ordering page is to grab a loaf of their fantastic sourdough bread before it sells out. Luckily, their cinnamon rolls are made with that same sourdough starter, and we can’t think of a better addition to the holiday. You can get an order of four and they come with cream cheese glaze on the side. Don’t forget to add some of that bread to the cart too.

Is quiche really just pie but with soft scrambled eggs? Hopefully so, because the pies at Bang Bang are incredible, and they have a quiche you can pre-order for the holiday. Decide for yourself by picking up one for Christmas morning. They also have frozen biscuits available too.

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French Quiche


Speaking of quiche, there’s a lot of it happening at French Quiche in Lincoln Park. Their Christmas breakfast box includes two slices of your choice of quiche - Lorraine, Provencale, Savoyarde, or Parisienne - along with two pain au chocolate and truffles. Or you can order a whole quiche de Noël, which is filled with lobster, cream, and swiss cheese.

This classic bakery in Chinatown doesn’t have anything that’s technically take-and-bake. But they’re open on both Christmas Eve and Day, and their baked goods taste wonderful after being heated in the oven for a few minutes. They have incredible pork buns, sponge cakes, sesame balls, egg custards, and much more. Just plan ahead - they're still cash only.

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