If everyone were as dedicated to their craft as the Millers, the world would be a better place. Hell, if everyone could eat breakfast together at Baker Miller the world would be a better place. World peace? Hey Putin, try a bite of our grits, share some oatmeal with Khamenei, and let’s sign a global peace treaty more effective than the Dayton Accords.

The Millers are so dedicated to baking with quality ingredients that they left the successful bakery they helped build - Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits - because they wanted more control over the baking process. If you’re familiar with Bang Bang, then expect similar results from the food at Baker Miller. The major difference between the two is that the Millers now mill their own flour. It's safe to say they’ve gone full Little House On The Prairie.

But it's the little things in life that matter, and at Baker Miller the little things make a big difference. Everything is impressive, both sweet and savory. Biscuit sandwiches, grits, and oatmeal are the highlights for a full meal, but you can also just pop in for coffee and a snack. The toast with homemade butter and jam is simple yet delicious, and the baked goods, like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and pies, are obviously good all the time.

The space itself is like any small, uneventful coffee shop or cafe. It's not inviting to the point that you'll want to post up here all day, but there's nothing wrong with sitting for a while over food, coffee, and your computer during the week. Beware that they run out of items depending on what’s popular that day, so don’t complain if you show up in the afternoon and things are gone - that’s on you. Even so, we go out of our way to eat here when we can, and we suggest you consider doing the same.

Food Rundown

Baked Oatmeal

So good. Homemade oatmeal with cherry jam, pecans, and a bit of cream and hot milk. You've never had oatmeal like this before.

Breakfast Biscuit

An excellent and hearty buttermilk biscuit with candied bacon, baked egg, and pimiento cheese. This is our go to, and it will require some use of a fork and knife.


This dish might not look like much, but it's incredibly delicious and rich. House grits with pesto, a meatball that's hiding in there, rubbed kale, goat cheese, and a soft egg. Mix it all up for the perfect bite.

Baker Miller review image

Biscuits and Gravy

Combine the best of all worlds with a gravy-drenched buttermilk biscuit and egg. Add the sausage.

Baker Miller review image

Avocado Toast

Along with oatmeal, the obvious healthy route instead of grits and biscuits. Homemade toast with avocado, salsa verde, shaved radishes, and micro greens.

Baker Miller review image

Cinnamon Roll

This isn't your airport Cinnabon spot, so don't expect something as sugary and sweet. It's still a cinnamon roll though, and a good one at that.

Baker Miller review image


Yes, it's worth popping in here only for a piece of homemade toast. The bread is great, and there's an entire side table that serves as a jam and butter bar. Experiment with them all.

Baker Miller review image

Pie & Other Baked Goods

If it looks good, there's a 100% chance it tastes good. At the very least, get something to save for later.

Baker Miller review image

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