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The Sunday Night Delivery Guide

Sunday night still counts as the weekend, and you probably want to cap it off with a good meal. Here's how to do that without leaving your couch.

Sunday night is both the best and worst night of the week. Best because nobody is bothering you to go out drinking and you feel good knowing it’s acceptable to sit in your apartment all night. Worst because you’re already terrified thinking about that new project you put off for Monday morning. And if you’re still nursing a hangover? Good luck.

But none of that is any excuse to not have an excellent meal to cap off your weekend. And the good news is you can stay home in the comforts of your apartment. Here are our go-to spots for Sunday night delivery, all available on Caviar.

The Delivery Spots

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Honey Butter Fried Chicken


3361 N Elston Ave, Chicago
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If it’s not already clear, Honey Butter Fried Chicken specializes in two things: boneless fried chicken and honey butter. And when you eat there, they go out of their way to make sure you know to spread the honey butter on the fried chicken. We’ll emphasize that it’s a very important step. But now you know, so you if you don’t live near Avondale, no problem. Get it delivered straight to your door. Load up on the fried chicken and corn muffins and make sure to get extra honey butter on the side.

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Crispy fish. Pork carnitas. Grilled Ribeye. Oh, what’s that? Not much. Just naming all the different tacos we like to eat at Antique. And while the inside of Antique is decorated with actual antique furniture that’s pretty cool, your couch from Craigslist is more comfortable, so eat those tacos at home on this Sunday night. Considering they’re rather large and come two to an order, all you need is a side of chips and guac and maybe an abuelita pop-tart filled with Mexican chocolate and you’re good to go.

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There’s not much like Pub Royale. It’s part Indian restaurant, part English pub, and all-around awesome place to hang. But there’s something else we’ve grown to appreciate about Pub Royale, and that’s hanging with their Indian bar food at home. Everything from the chicken tikka roll to the buttered paneer to samosas are excellent. And they even have an awesome burger if that’s the route you want to go.

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Nashville is an awesome place, mainly because of its hot chicken. So no complaints that the Nashville hot chicken trend has infiltrated the Midwest. The Budlong is doing a very good version of it, and it’s even better with a little collard greens and mac & cheese on the side. But the fried chicken is the star here, particularly because the perfect level of heat.

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Sometimes you just want a sandwich that’s going to hit the spot. And we’re not talking about that boring ham and cheese you made for lunch all week because you for some reason thought it was a good idea to buy a pound of each at the grocery store. We’re talking about a good, simple, and quality sandwich from Nonna’s. You can never go wrong with the classics like an Italian, meatball, or chicken parm.

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Classic sandwiches are always excellent, but maybe you’re looking to spice things up a bit. If that’s the case, consider Wyler Road the yang to Nonna’s yin. Wyler Road has interesting sandwiches like a crawfish melt packed with lots of crawfish and hook’s cheddar or a BBQ sloppy joe with cheese and pickles - extra sloppy, of course. Also, cheese curds. Wyler Road has a side of cheese curds with ranch that any respectable Midwesterner shouldn’t turn down.

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Look outside: there’s a 99% chance it’s cold and gross and you never want to go out there again. Besides, it’s the weekend, and you earned the right to become one with your favorite groutfit reserved for watching Sunday night TV. So get ramen delivered from Ramen-San. The ingredients will come in separate containers that you can then all mix together like your own Build-A-Bear project, which is great because nothing sits and gets soggy in the broth while it’s brought to your door. Add some gyoza to the side of the tonkotsu ramen you’re about to order and that’s a Sunday done right.

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Do you dream of ordering more Chinese food than you know what to do with every Sunday night? We do. So when the urge hits, order it all from Lao Sze Chuan. It has all the classics you want like pot stickers, crab rangoon, and kung pao chicken. Don’t skip out on the specials either like Tony’s chicken with three chili.

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Work sounds terrible tomorrow and you’re going in circles about what to eat. Don’t overthink this and get too cute with it - order pizza. You can still throw a little bit of an interesting wrinkle in your pizza order by getting a New Haven style pie from Piece. Their pizzas are large, thin, and don’t have any mozzarella. They’re also awesome. Try the collaboration Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage Pizza if you like spicy things.

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DAK is a casual little Korean spot that’s ideal for carry-outs and delivery. They have a number of familiar Korean items like bulgogi and sides of kimchi on the menu. But let’s get real. You’re getting DAK delivered for one reason and one reason only: their chicken wings. In particular, their giant chicken wings that actually look like they came from a real chicken. Get them with the special soy garlic and ginger Dak sauce and then stretch out on your couch as a reward.

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Fonda Frontera is basically a vamped up version of Xoco. It’s a casual spot in Wicker Park ideal for Mexican-inspired bar food and hanging out. But the food is also ideal for hanging at home with your favorite beer or bottle of wine at your side. Go for the torta options like the pepito torta with braised short rib or the ahogada torta with pork carnitas sitting in a spicy tomato sauce. It’ll make for a 10/10 night.

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It's important to load up on carbs the night before a big race. And while you might not be waking up to run a marathon every Monday morning, you are starting the work week, which is just as hard. So energize yourself at home the night before with a plate of pasta from Pasta Palazzo. For only $8 to $11 you can get a big plate of basic penne bolognese or jalapeño gnocchi or spaghetti frutti di mare. Good luck in the rat race tomorrow.

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Forbidden Root is a cool brewery and pub in West Town that puts a lot of effort into making their own interesting beers. But they also put a lot of effort into the food, which includes an excellent burger. And guess what? Forbidden Root will deliver that burger and a six pack or growler of beer straight to your door. The future is here and it looks like you're getting a burger and beers at home tonight.

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