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The Best Bottomless Brunches In Chicago

When your one and only weekend plan involves unlimited mimosas.

Bottomless brunch satisfies a very specific desire. Not necessarily one of class, rather exuberance and recklessness. Before you start drinking like you’re doing an impersonation of how people reacted to Y2K, you’ll need a few things before you go. Like money, for example, as well as a sense of limitless potential, and no other plans for the day (so you can take a nap at 3pm). Whatever your drunk brunch requires, we want you to know that we support you.

We also want you to know that most of the food served during bottomless brunch is not very good. But that’s really not why you’re here. (There are, of course, exceptions. And you’ll find some of them below.) So whether you want to drink enough to mildly worry your relatives or just swirl a Bloody Mary with the comfort of knowing that you can have as many as you want—we’ve got the places for you and your friends.


Robert’s Pizza & Dough Company

Chicago isn’t just a deep dish city, as evidenced by Robert’s. The highlight at this pizza place is the flavorful, airy, slightly crispy thin crust. You'll find a variety of pies on their brunch menu, like smoked salmon and huevos rancheros, along with unlimited mimosas and dishes like chilaquiles. Plus, they have a lovely patio on the water that has a view of Navy Pier.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $30.

This vegan taqueria in Logan Square has bottomless brunch Friday through Sunday. You can get unlimited pitchers of margaritas along with some excellent plant-based food. Come here for breakfast burritos, tacos, and truly delicious chilaquiles in a space that looks like an ‘80s Trapper Keeper. Just be aware, there's a 90-minute time limit.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $21.

This is the second location of Avec, and is about 56 times larger than the original in the West Loop. And this supersized Avec now serves brunch, with dishes like a strawberry orange cinnamon roll with a buttery citrus glaze and shakshuka, plus bottomless mimosas. Other notable differences are that it doesn’t have communal seating, so you won't have to ask everyone to move whenever you need to go to the restroom.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $24.

This Asian-fusion vegan spot in River North is the rare plant-based restaurant where the food is really good and enough of a scene to earn its downtown address. Planta Queen's space is sleek, plays thump-y club music, and the long menu is full of brunch dishes that are objectively tasty—whether you’re vegan or not. There’s a cinnamon roll with chai icing, chow fun noodles, ube mochi waffles, and bottomless mimosas and sangria. Come here for a boozy brunch with friends, the large space has plenty of big booths.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas and sake sangria, $25 per person.

PB & J (which stands for pizza, beer, and jukebox) is in the West Loop, a neighborhood that isn’t suffering from a shortage of bottomless brunch. But we're fine adding one more, because this place is pretty fun and the food is pretty good. This place feels more like a bar than a restaurant, and has bottomless mimosas, breakfast cereal-inspired shots, and brunch dishes like biscuits and gravy pizza, which has bechamel, sausage, eggs, mozzarella, and gravy.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $30.

This small Filipino restaurant in Wicker Park works well for brunch with a date, a friend, or anytime you want a low-key meal and unlimited lychee mimosas. The charm factor of Cebu increases even more when you can sit on their small, tree-lined back patio. It feels like the kind of tiny urban backyard you’re certain exists but have never experienced for yourself, like exact change or a runner’s high.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas or lemon drops for $35.

We're fans of Tanta's brunch, so we were delighted when they started offering a bottomless deal. It's $38 per person for unlimited mimosas, which includes the booze and a selection of two juices: either orange and chicha morada. The Peruvian brunch dishes include things like arroz chaufa, and a chicharrón sandwich with sweet potato, rocoto cream, and criollo.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $38.

Recess in the West Loop is a theme bar and restaurant that’s good at its gimmick, so it doesn’t feel forced or over-the-top. The theme is literally “school recess,” which means the space is brightly colored and has games like giant Connect 4. The brunch has fun starters like chicken and waffle fries, and dishes like Nutella French toast or breakfast burritos. The space is huge, including an outdoor patio and plenty of tables. It’s a great place to day drink, or for lots of different activities, like bags or Jenga.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $27.

This Italian restaurant is one of our favorite options for bottomless brunch in Hyde Park. Ascione is always busy, the service is friendly, and the menu is filled with dishes like linguini carbonara, Nutella French toast, and gnocchi topped with pork belly and a poached egg. The restaurant is nice enough where you can get a little dressed up for some day drinking, but you can also come here in your workout clothes before going home to go back to bed.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $18.

Bandit is a spot in the West Loop that feels like a party, but is still low-key enough for a casual brunch to listen to your friend confess they’re secretly glad they had to cancel their wedding last year. Come here for drinks and bar snacks like disco fries during the week, or come on the weekends for bottomless brunch. For $35 you can get unlimited mimosas and Bloody Mary’s or Maria's, along with dishes like eggs, waffles, and chilaquiles. One of the best things about this place? The bathrooms are decorated with wall-to-wall posters of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, respectively.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys and Bloody Marias for $35.

Lark in Northhalsted has a fantastic plant-filled back patio, and on the weekends hosts drag brunches or has live DJ’s spinning themed soundtracks like “90s” or “girl groups.” You can get bottomless mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, sangria, and bellinis for 90 minutes. And oh yea, there’s food too - eggs, biscuits and gravy, breakfast pizza - you get the idea.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas, bellinis, Bloody Marys, and sangria and select canned cocktails for $26.95.

When we think “bottomless brunch,” Hub 51 immediately comes to mind. It’s the type of large, crowded River North restaurant we expect to offer unlimited mimosas with their eggs. The good news is that the food is generally pretty good, and this place manages to be loud and fun without being a total sh*tshow. Order things like buttermilk pancakes or breakfast tacos, and be prepared to take a long booze-fueled nap later.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas and bellinis for $35.

Park & Field now has a buffet to go along with a $45 unlimited drink package of mimosas, rosé, and beer. The buffet has things like waffles, omelettes, charcuterie, and benedicts. Plus, the giant patio has Adirondack chairs, fire pits, and a camper-turned-bar.

The Deal: Buffet with bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, Wine, and spiked seltzers for $45.

Venteux Brasserie

This upscale French restaurant is located inside the Pendry in the Loop. And during their weekend brunch they offer bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and rosé, and serve things like duck and waffles with honey and butter, and a croque monsieur. So if you have out-of-towners visiting, consider meeting them here for a fancy brunch before taking them around the city for some boozy sightseeing.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and rosé for $25.


This busy Spanish spot in Fulton Market is originally from New York. And while the food at Boqueria isn’t very memorable, their sangria is, and overall their brunch deal is pretty great. For $29, you get your choice of bottomless mimosas or sangría. They also have a deluxe deal for $45 which comes with all of the above plus Bloody Marys, Estrella or Cava.

The Deal: Bottomless sangria and mimosas, $29.

Bar Takito has one of the most affordable bottomless deals in the West Loop, with $22 unlimited mimosas. The menu is made up of Mexican/Central American/South American fusion dishes, and includes things like arepa benedicts. Is the food good? Yes. Can you get drunk for $22? Also yes.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $22.

If you’ve lived in Chicago for any stretch of time, you’ve probably been to El Mariachi in Lakeview. The large back patio is a popular spot for group get-togethers, specifically the ones that involve day drinking. While the OK Mexican food here isn’t going to win any awards (the menu has standards like breakfast burritos and tequila french toast), nothing costs over $14.99. So, honestly, you really can’t afford to not come here.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas includes entree $31.99.

The only thing that makes a bottomless brunch feel even more ridiculously excessive is when it comes with a buffet. That’s what you’ll find at The Fremont in River North, along with a DJ, donut wall, and a retractable roof. Basically, when none of your friends can get their sh*t together for long enough to plan a trip to Vegas, this is your next best option.

The Deal: Buffet-style all-you-can-eat brunch with bottomless mimosas for $75.

Angelina is an Italian restaurant that’s been in Lakeview for over 30 years, and the champagne brunch is still going strong. The menu is short and uncomplicated (with dishes like french toast and a frittata) and 10 out of 10 hungover bridesmaids agree: you’re here for the bottomless mimosas.

The Deal: Brunch menu item plus unlimited champagne for $30.

We didn’t see this one coming, but this rather quaint French restaurant in the Gold Coast has a pretty affordable ($21.95) mimosa special for brunch. Bistronomic has dishes like eggs benedict and avocado toast, and offers a quiet alternative to partying with a bunch of unruly drunks. There’s also a 90-minute limit - so it’s for sophisticated drunks with excellent time management skills.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for $21.95 or red or white sangria for $28 with purchase of brunch entrée or sandwich (90 min limit).

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