Park + Field

You know how the NBA kept declaring the next MJ had arrived, but all we got was Darius Miles or Sebastian Telfair? And then Lebron happened? Well, trust us: Park & Field is a Lebron.

The indoor space is small, well-decorated, and has a retro feel. There are enough TVs to call it a sports bar, and there’s a separate room that’s perfect for bigger groups. It’s not a spot you would come for dinner, but the food will more than get the job done if you need some nourishment to balance out your liquid diet.

Even though the inside can be a great time, you’re not here for that. You’re here for Park & Field’s objectively awesome, humongous outdoor section. To call it a patio would be like calling the Cubs World Series parade just a gathering of people. There are a couple bocce courts, if that’s your thing, but since it’s probably not, take advantage of the whole Adirondack-chairs-and-firepit setup. And if you want to order another drink without going inside, there’s a repurposed van-turned-bar parked outside for your convenience. Basically, there’s no need to leave the patio ever again. We’ve tested this theory.

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