The Fish Box

This seafood spot in the Central District serves four kinds of fish and chips: catfish, salmon, halibut, and tilapia. But the catfish here stands out because it’s soaked in buttermilk, dredged it in a homemade blend of spices (that you can even buy on their website), and doesn’t have a super puffy outer fried shell that some English-pub style ones have - which means you really get a lot of fish in every bite. What makes an order of these even better, though, is that they throw in a couple of their crispy hushpuppies, too. It’s like when you find that rogue onion ring among your fries, except this time it’s on purpose.

Besides, just fish and chips, they make a catfish “Sammich” with lettuce and tartar sauce on a bun that’s great if you have your mind set on something between two buns. And right now they’re offering delivery and takeout through their website, but if you call them for pickup, just know they’re only accepting cash or Venmo right now.

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