Tengri Tagh is one of the few restaurants in Midtown that’s both exciting and affordable—and it’s also one of the only Uyghur restaurants in NYC.

Pair their noodle dishes—like the stir-fried noodle with thinly sliced lamb or the pearl noodle (one of our favorites from 2021) with chopped noodles and sautéed peppers—with one of their baked buns or lamb and cumin buns, and you’ll have a filling meal for under $20.

This is a lunch spot that stands out in a sea of chain restaurants and forgettable delis, so, if you work in Midtown, you should start memorizing the menu. Tengri Tagh is also one of the better moves to make before a Knicks game. Located a mere four block from Madison Square Garden, you can be in and out in under an hour. So swap that game-time hot dog for some crispy, lamb-stuff Uyghur bread.

Food Rundown

Pearl Noodle

One of the most satisfying noodle dishes we’ve tried (here or elsewhere). It’s loaded with peppers, onions, tingly cumin lamb, and thinly chopped noodles that almost look like kernels of corn. Instead of twirling or forking these noodles, spoon them up with all the other elements that are tossed with a mild chili oil.

Tengri Tagh Uyghur Cuisine review image

Lamb And Cumin Bun

This small bun also comes with tingly lamb, and it’s a great snack or supplement to eat alongside a noodle dish. The sautéed peppers and onions that come inside are tender and packed full of chili oil-flavor.

Tengri Tagh Uyghur Cuisine review image

Traditional Ughyur Bread

Here we have a big round, crispy loaf of thin bread. The ends are twisted, making them extra crispy, and there’s lamb stuffed inside. Order this if you’re coming here with a group. (It comes with six slices.)

Tengri Tagh Uyghur Cuisine review image

Oily Noodle

This dish certainly lives up to its name but not in a bad way. The bowl of hand-pulled noodles are slicked with chili oil and have some grated garlic on top as well. Give this a good mix, and you have a delicious noodle dish.

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