Naro, located right next to the rink at Rockefeller Center, is from the team behind Atoboy and Atomix. While it isn’t quite as exciting as those two places, you’ll have a very pleasant meal with impressive-looking dishes here. If you eat in the main dining room—which looks like a space station movie set from the 1970s—your only option is one of two eight-course $195 tasting menus. The vegetarian one has more aggressive flavors throughout, but we prefer the omnivore menu, which includes a refreshing octopus dish with a kimchi brine granita and some fluke wrapped in crispy fried dough. For a more casual experience, head to the bar for à la carte small plates like a bowl of crispy rice made with a greatest-hits array of ingredients: A5 Wagyu, trout roe, and golden kaluga caviar.

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