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Keens Steakhouse

Should we have arrived on this earth centuries earlier, The Infatuation would likely have existed as an exclusive dining club instead of an internet circle jerk. Being added to the Infatuation telegram list back then would have been even cooler than being a member at the SoHo House. Imagine that. Every suspenders wearing, pipe smokin', handlebar mustache rockin' 19th century hipster would have wanted in on our action. Our home base in this amazing, hypothetical world? Keens.

Keens is as Old New York as you can get. Open since 1885, this place is loaded with history. It's pretty much the Museum of Natural Meat Eating History. Before it was open to the public, Keens was a members only hangout; a Soho House of sorts for NYC's most powerful including Teddy Roosevelt and Babe Ruth. 115 years and counting, Keens is still home to one of this city's best steaks. So good in fact, it's in our top five NYC steakhouses along with Luger's, Strip House, Dylan Prime and Quality Meats.

Food Rundown


If you haven't noticed, we're obsessed with oysters. Considering that Keens is a steakhouse, these are pretty damn good.

Maryland Lump Crabcakes

Most steakhouses take pride in their crabcakes, so it was no surprise to learn that Keens, cakes are top notch. You can't go wrong with a couple of tasty crab cakes to start.

"Legendary" Mutton Chop

Navigating through a menu of meat can be a little overwhelming. With so many attractive options, what should you get? There are three standout cuts at Keens and it all starts with the Mutton Chop, one of the best pieces of meat your mouth will ever have the privilege of tasting. A mutton chop is lamb saddle. While it may not sound like much, it's absolutely incredible. Juicy, tender and fatty, the Mutton Chop alone is worth the trip. Make sure to experiment with the mint jelly.

Aged Prime Porterhouse For Two

Although you really can't go wrong with any of their beef, the porterhouse is our favorite cut. This heavenly piece of mammal arrives charred on the outside and perfectly medium rare on the inside. Porterhouse lovers love to debate whether this is better than Peter Lugers'. We're going to call it a tie, as we'd happily take either down any day of the week.

Prime Rib of Beef, King’s Cut

If you don't have anyone to split the porterhouse with, the prime rib king's cut is the way to go. Dry aged, bone in beef that will leave you happy and five pounds heavier.


If you're looking for a good burger before or after an event at Madison Square Garden, don't waste your time at Stout. Take a walk north to Keens and grab a table in their pub room. The burger is what you'd expect at an old-school steakhouse. A no frills, sirloin based beef patty that's incredibly juicy and very good.


Creamed Spinach and French Fries are our two Keens go-to's. Most of their sides are solid, so you can't really go wrong.

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