Filé Gumbo Bar

The food at this Tribeca restaurant isn’t on the same level as what you’d find in New Orleans, but it’ll still satisfy your craving for Cajun and Creole. Order the gumbo sprinkled with filé powder, and be sure to get the “all-in” option with chicken, andouille, crab, and shrimp. You can order the veggie-heavy crawfish étouffée with or without drum (which you don’t really need), but we actually prefer their starters like the sausage board and extra creamy pimento cheese. If any of your dishes have the option to add fried oysters, do it. The long room with mustard yellow leather seating is spacious, so this is a great spot for groups—but the bar is huge as well, so you’ll be just as happy stopping in solo for a daiquiri and a bowl of jambalaya.

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