Blue Hill New York

We held off on the Blue Hill New York review until we made our way up to the Stone Barns, and we're glad we did. It's a very good restaurant - one of the best in Manhattan. But to go to Blue Hill New York and say you've had the full Blue Hill experience would be false. You might have had "a" Blue Hill experience, but you definitely didn't have "the" Blue Hill experience.

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photo credit: Ben Aslop

"The" Blue Hill experience is the Stone Barns experience - a fantastic petting zoo for adults where you get to eat all the animals. Blue Hill New York is a top-tier New York City restaurant that's equally ideal for Special Occasions, but is better suited for a fancy date night (just ask Obama) rather than Mom's birthday or an anniversary. All the same farm-to-fork principles that you find upstate are in place at BHNY, and the service is amazing. You'll also still find unmatched dedication to serving quality ingredients, a great wine list, and some incredibly memorable food. Just don't cross a trip to the Stone Barns off your list after dinner having dinner here. That's a field trip everyone needs to make at least once. You look like you could use a day or two out of the city anyway.

Food Rundown

Maine Sea Scallops

A tasty scallop dish, served up with a citrus marmalade and some endive. A good way to start the meal, especially for conservative diners, but we recommend going for something with more vegetation on the plate instead.

Beet Greens and Swiss Chard Tortellini

A fantastic starter with ricotta cheese, kale, a few really delicate and tasty tortellini, and some hazelnuts. Hazelnuts make everything better.

Stone Barns Berkshire Pig

This was as good as the Berkshire pig we ate at the Stone Barns, but the shelling beans and black trumpet mushrooms on the plate don't hold a candle to the Stone Barns carrots. A great piece of pork nonetheless.

Rabbi Bob's Veal

We aren't sure who Rabbi Bob is exactly, but he must really enjoy some baby cow. This is a pristine cut of veal, served on a bed of chickpeas, hummus, and root vegetables (at least in the winter).

Wild Striped Bass

Sure, the fish dishes are solid at Blue Hill...but you should be ordering something that comes out of a land mammal. This striped bass was fine, but was definitely not the star of the table.

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