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Where To Eat And Drink In Minneapolis

PHOTO: The Restaurant Project

When you think of Minneapolis, Prince, The Mighty Ducks, and the Mall of America are three things that might come to mind first. And for good reason: two of them are national treasures and the other is a very large mall. But these days, it’s the city’s food scene that’s bringing even more attention to the Mini Apple.

There’s always been good food in Minneapolis, but over the past few years, the number of excellent places to eat at in this northern capital has dramatically increased. While this is great for anyone who visits or lives in Minneapolis, it can make deciding where to go for dinner difficult. That’s where we come in.

Here you’ll find our recommendations for where to eat and drink in Minneapolis. We’ve included everything from the best date spots in the North Loop to our go-tos for brunch and Italian food. This is our first Minneapolis guide, but expect more coverage from The Infatuation this year.

THe NEw-ISH Spots everyone’s talking about

Restaurant Alma

Marcy Holmes
528 University Ave SE

Alma in Marcy Holmes is home to two really good and very different restaurants. First, there’s Restaurant Alma, the dinner-only, prix-fixe spot where you can get three courses for $59. The seasonal dishes are beautifully plated and there’s also a big wine list to choose from. Second, there’s the all-day Alma Cafe that serves everything from pastries to small plates to entrees - we’re big fans of the turkey burger in particular - along with a full beer and cocktail menu. Between the two, you can eat and drink really well here at any hour of the day. As a bonus, if you need a nap between meals, Alma is also a boutique hotel, which means you can basically live here if you want.

Photo: Bodega Ltd.

Just like your favorite pair of boots or go-to ice breaker that you use on dating apps, you need a restaurant that works for every occasion. In Minneapolis, that’s Spoon and Stable in the North Loop. It’s just as good for a celebratory dinner as it is for weekend brunch - not to mention their additional gluten-free and vegetarian menus - which is why this place is always packed. If you’re not really a planner, the bar and lounge are saved for walk-ins, which is good because reservations here are scarce. You can still order from the full menu at the bar, but with bar-only options like smoked pork tacos, duck meatloaf sliders, and their weekly ramen night, you might not even want to.

If there’s one restaurant that symbolizes Minneapolis’ evolution into a great place to eat, it’s The Bachelor Farmer. The food at this North Loop restaurant references the city’s deep Nordic roots - think smoked fish, wild game, and lots of roasted vegetables. None of the dishes are overly complicated and a lot of the produce is sourced from the restaurant’s rooftop garden. It’s a really comfortable dinner spot that’s perfect for a birthday or anniversary. They also have a cafe next door, in case it’s not a special occasion and you need some coffee, a pastry, or a sandwich.

Photo: John Reed Forsman

After you finish dinner at The Bachelor Farmer, head downstairs to Marvel Bar for a really good cocktail or two. It’s the kind of place where drinks take five minutes to make, but they balance things out with old arcade games and by serving Cheetos so it never feels too fancy. If you’re making a night out of your trip to The Bachelor Farmer, this should definitely be your first stop after dinner.


4257 Nicollet Ave

Even in a city as far north as Minneapolis, you can still find really good southern food. Revival in Kingsfield serves all of the South’s greatest hits, from Nashville hot chicken to shrimp and grits to chicken and dumplings, along with all of your favorite sides. This place is so popular that they opened a second location in St. Paul, but neither accepts reservations and both are first come, first serve, so plan accordingly.

Photo: Eliesa Johnson

Young Joni

165 13th Ave NE

You could drive past Young Joni a dozen times and never know it’s there. However, one trip inside this hidden away pizzeria in Sheridan and you’ll never go by it again without making a stop. You can go for one of the more traditional pies, like the margarita, or head the opposite direction with the Korean BBQ or One Potato, Two. The menu also includes some Asian-inspired dishes, like Thai sausage and sweet and spicy pork ribs, and their food definitely attracts a big crowd. Because of that, there’s usually a wait, but with Dangerous Man brewery nearby and their own Back Bar located in the alley behind the building, there are plenty of drink options to hold you over.

Photo: The Restaurant Project

There are a lot of great brunch options in Minneapolis, but only one of them is located inside the contemporary art museum. This restaurant at the Walker Art Center has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the sculpture garden and serves seasonal takes on brunch favorites, like vegetable hash, steak and eggs, and something called Lox On A Log, which we’re very into. It’s a great spot to meet your parents or in-laws over the weekend and depending on how you like to experience a museum, or deal with family time, Esker Grove also serves great brunch cocktails.

Photo: Rachel Joyce

Whenever we visit a brewery, the same thing happens. We drink beers, get hungry, and inevitably eat some pretty mediocre food, often from a truck. But Surly Brewing breaks that cycle at their destination brewery in Prospect Park. Here they serve dishes like steamed mussels, oysters, charcuterie boards, house-made sausage, and barbecue, along with a wide range of their most popular, rare, and experimental brews.

It’s not hard to find an OK croissant or cookie - everywhere from airport coffee shops to grocery stores are full of them. But if you want the kind of handmade pastries that will make you question your entire life up until that point, go to Rose Street Patisserie in Linden Hills. They serve all of the greatest hits of French pastry, like eclairs, macarons, gateaux, tartines, and croissants, along with freshly baked bread, cookies, and chocolates. If you need something else between pastries, they also serve breakfast and lunch options like quiches and paninis throughout the day.

Photo: Isabel Subtil

So you want to get a drink somewhere that makes you feel a little fancy. Maybe you’re kicking off a bachelorette party or just got your first corporate card or you’re simply staying upstairs and want a good cocktail. The bar at the Hewing Hotel in the North Loop is where you should go. This Nordic-inspired hotel is one of the most beautiful places in Minneapolis to drink at and they have lots of great cocktails to choose from. There’s a pool table, a roaring fire, and a lounge area that will undoubtedly make you think of “leather-bound books and rich mahogany.” It’s not somewhere we go often and you’ll pay a lot for drinks, but after your first one, you’ll be too busy wishing you lived at the Hewing to care.

classic establishments

Some mornings you want a $15 açaí bowl or a Bloody Mary topped with a burger first thing in. For the rest of the time though, there’s Al’s Breakfast. This tiny restaurant near the University of Minnesota specializes in the kind of simple breakfast food that was good way before brunch became brunch, like pancakes, waffles, scrambles, and omelets. This place only has 14 countertop seats and there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to shift spots mid-meal to accommodate new customers wishing to sit together. You won’t care though because you’ll be too busy wondering when the last time you enjoyed breakfast so much was.

Manny's Steakhouse

Loring Park
826 S Marquette Ave

There are times in your life - a birthday, a job promotion, or when you finish a huge puzzle - that need to be celebrated over a large piece of meat. Manny’s Steakhouse in Loring Park is just the place for such occasions. This steakhouse looks exactly how a steakhouse should, with meat carts rolling through a dining room filled with dark wood, checkered tablecloths, and red leather barstools. The steaks are massive, the cocktails are strong, and you’re going to spend a lot, but it’s totally worth it. Also, make sure to order the thick cut bacon and a side of crispy hash browns. You might not think they go with a good steak, but trust us, you’re wrong.

Photo: John Abernathy

Matt's Bar

Powderhorn Park
3500 Cedar Ave S

Minneapolis is home to many great inventions, including water skis, Tonka trucks, and Zubaz pants. But the Jucy Lucy, a burger with melted cheese inside the patty, is definitely our favorite. Matt’s Bar in Powderhorn Park, one of the two spots credited with creating the famous burger, hasn’t changed in half a century and that’s very much on purpose. Take a seat in a booth, order a beer, and enjoy your molten cheese-filled burger, all while wearing your favorite pair of Zubaz pants.

Photo: Elise Lehr

Milkjam Creamery

2743 Lyndale Ave S

Milkjam Creamery is a modern ice cream shop that serves unique flavors, like Hard Knock Life (dark chocolate, salted pretzels, brownies, and chocolate fudge), Thai tea, and Poppin Bottles (champagne sorbet with sprinkles). The flight of four is a great way to taste a few different flavors, but our favorite thing to get here is the Jam Bun, a warm donut sandwich with your choice of ice cream served inside.

Photo: Derrick Koch

neighborhood standbys

Everything about eating at 112 Eatery is intimate: there’s lots of dark wood, dim lighting, and it’s always a little more packed than you’d like. This Downtown West restaurant is a great date spot, whether you come with someone or eat solo at the bar and get to know 112’s beloved brie burger instead. It’s served on an English muffin and will be thrilled to hear about your day. If you still have room afterward, or if you order a second drink, try the tres leches cake too.

Photo: Elise Lehr

Italian Eatery

4724 Cedar Ave S

Regardless of the time of year, Italian Eatery in Northrop is one of our favorite restaurants in Minneapolis. During the winter, it’s a great spot to eat pasta and drink wine while hiding out from the cold. When summer comes around, their large patio is the perfect place to have an Aperol spritz to remind yourself that warm weather exists. The pasta-heavy menu includes favorites like squid ink rigatoni and sriracha zucca, all of which are made in-house. To balance out the pasta intake, we recommend the wild boar meatballs and Calabrian cauliflower.

Photo: Vanessa Carrara

Bar La Grassa

North Loop
800 Washington Ave N

If we could choose a restaurant to get snowed in at, it would be Bar La Grassa. This Italian spot in the Warehouse District serves great fresh, filled, and dried pastas - each of which can be ordered in half or full portions - and has a huge wine list. If you want something unique, try the red wine spaghetti or orange cauliflower gnocchi, and definitely order a few bruschettas, especially the soft eggs and lobster. It’s somewhere you could just as easily bring a date or your parents when you want to impress without spending a ton of money and while eating here won’t make spring come any sooner, it’ll definitely make winter a little more bearable.

The Kenwood

2115 W 21st St

This all-day spot in Kenwood, one of Minneapolis’ nicest and oldest neighborhoods, serves high-end takes on classic bistro food, like their pork belly and fried egg-topped burger and wild boar pappardelle. Their brunch is also great, with options like pancakes, house-made granola, and huevos rancheros. Whether you’re sitting in a booth or at the bar, you’ll want to stick around after you’re done eating, drink some more coffee, and hope that one day you live within walking distance of this place.

Photo: Aaron Dahl


Linden Hills
2726 W 43rd St

Tilia is a busy restaurant in Linden Hills, right by Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun. Seating is tight, the conversations are loud, and they don’t take reservations, so it’s best to arrive early and enjoy a drink while you wait. Their menu is filled with simple dishes that are always good regardless of the day or time, like a great cheeseburger, a fish taco torta, and carbonara pasta with bacon and egg mousse. Tilia is also super kid friendly.

Photo: Elise Lehr

St. Genevieve

5003 Bryant Ave S

Minnesota is not France, but if you want to feel like you’re almost in Paris for a few hours, head to St. Genevieve in Lynnhurst. It’s the kind of place that you spend an entire afternoon at, especially once you start sampling from their long list of champagnes. Like its sister restaurant Tilia, this French bistro does both shared and large plates, but the tartines are what you should focus on. Order both the beet and salmon options, some wine, and see where your afternoon goes. The menu changes throughout the day, but no matter what time you walk in, there will always be something that you’ll want to try.

Photo: Elise Lehr

Something casual

Hola Arepa

3501 Nicollet Ave

Regardless of the time of year, it’s good to have a spot where it always feels summer-ish, even when it’s zero degrees out and there’s a foot of snow on the ground. That’s why we love Hola Arepa in Lyndale. Between the colorful interior and good cocktails, it’s an easy place to forget about the North Pole-approved parka that you wore to get there. Their arepas, which come filled with everything from chimichurri chicken to shredded beef and plantain, are also really excellent, as are the fresh salsas and guacamole. If you come for brunch, make sure to get the chorizo and egg arepa and don’t forget to order a mini churro too. They also have a great patio for when it’s safe to sit outside.

Photo: Matt Lien


North Loop
730 Washington Ave N

When you sit down at Parlour in the North Loop, your server will simply ask you “how many?” and they won’t be talking about drinks. Everyone comes to this cocktail bar for their burger, a double patty smash burger with American cheese and pickles served on a very toasted bun. It’s the perfect thing to eat while you enjoy a few really good cocktails in the dark bar and figure out where to head next.

Pho 79

2529 Nicollet Ave

When it’s cold out, there’s nothing better than a big, steaming bowl of pho to help you regain feeling in your face and hands. Minneapolis is home to a lot of good Vietnamese restaurants, but if we’re going for pho, Pho 79 in Whittier is always our first pick. It’s cheap, fast, and their pho broth is the most flavorful in the city. Throw in your favorite combo of herbs and sauces, breathe in that incredible steam, and be glad that you braved freezing temperatures for this.

Photo: Elise Lehr

There are three reasons to go to Butcher and The Boar: meat, beer, and whiskey. This Downtown spot has an outdoor beer garden that’s open year-round and is the perfect place to stop by after work for their daily happy hour of a beer, brat, and shot for $12. If you head inside for dinner, order a few of the large plates to share, like the charcuterie board and the sausage sampler, before going for a steak, the smoked beef long rib, or the seared duck breast. Afterward, choose a whiskey from their huge list and think back fondly on all you’ve accomplished - aka eaten.

Red Rabbit

North Loop
201 Washington Ave N

When it gets really cold out, there are nights when you just want to sit at a bar, have a cocktail, and eat simple, but really good Italian food. Red Rabbit in the North Loop is the place just for that. Start with the meatballs or sausage and peppers, along with the ricotta, honey, and black pepper toast, before choosing from a variety of pastas and pizza. The Yukon Gold pie, which is topped with fontina, pancetta, and a runny egg, is our favorite, but it’s hard to go wrong. If you’re craving a burger instead of Italian food, their burger spot, Red Cow, is also only a block away.

World Street Kitchen

2743 Lyndale Ave S

When you get a group together, it can be hard to choose a place to eat when everyone wants different things. World Street Kitchen exists to remove that problem from your life. This Lowry Hill East spot, which started as a food truck, serves street food from around the world and regardless of what everyone is hungry for, they’ll find it here. The menu features tacos, lettuce wraps, Bangkok burritos, sandwiches, and rice bowls, along with a full bar. The menu doesn’t make a ton of sense, but rather than question it, just enjoy having a restaurant where everyone can get what they want.

Photo: Matt Lien

Spyhouse Coffee

North Loop
907 Washington Ave N.

If you want a really good cup of coffee in Minneapolis, you’re never too far from one of the four Spyhouse Coffee locations around town. Each shop feels right at home in its respective neighborhood - clean and modern in the North Loop and industrial in Northeast, where Spyhouse roasts all of its coffee. If you need a caffeine boost and maybe a snack between meals, figure out which Spyhouse location is closest and head there immediately.

Photo: Elise Lehr

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