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Red Rabbit review image

MPS Review

Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit in the North Loop serves three things we all like: pizza, pasta, and lots of wine and cocktails.

The Kenwood review image

MPS Review

The Kenwood

The Kenwood is an all-day bistro in Kenwood that serves classic comfort food, like huevos rancheros, fancy burgers, and really good pasta.

Bar La Grassa review image

MPS Review

Bar La Grassa

Bar La Grassa is our go-to spot for wine and handmade pasta in the Warehouse District.

Italian Eatery review image

MPS Review

Italian Eatery

Northrop’s Italian Eatery serves a wide range of really good pasta, wine, and cocktails, and has a large patio that’s great during spring and summer.

Restaurant Alma review image

MPS Review

Restaurant Alma

Alma in Marcy Holmes is home to a really good prix-fixe restaurant, an all-day cafe, and a great boutique hotel.