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Butcher & The Boar review image

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Butcher & The Boar

Butcher & The Boar is a Downtown beer garden and restaurant that serves lots of meat and even more beer and whiskey.

World Street Kitchen review image

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World Street Kitchen

World Street Kitchen in Lowry Hill East serves a wide range of street food from around the world, like tacos, rice bowls, and lettuce wraps.

Parlour review image

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Parlour is where we go in the North Loop for a great cheeseburger and a wide range of really good cocktails.

Tilia review image

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Tilia is a great all-day spot in Linden Hills that serves food you’ll always want to eat, like really good pasta and one of our favorite burgers.

112 Eatery review image

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112 Eatery

112 Eatery is an intimate date spot in Downtown West that serves really good pasta and a great Brie burger.

Matt’s Bar review image

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Matt’s Bar

Matt’s Bar is a neighborhood spot in Powderhorn that’s famous for their cheese-stuffed, Jucy Lucy burgers.

The Bar At The Hewing Hotel  review image

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The Bar At The Hewing Hotel

The bar at the Hewing Hotel is our go-to spot for fancy cocktails and people watching in the North Loop.

Marvel Bar review image

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Marvel Bar

Marvel Bar is located beneath The Bachelor Farmer in the North Loop and is a great spot for post-dinner cocktails.

Surly Brewing Company review image

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Surly Brewing Company

Surly Brewing Co.'s destination brewery in Prospect Park is where we go to drink beer and eat oysters, charcuterie, and really good barbecue.

Young Joni review image

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Young Joni

Young Joni in Sheridan serves wood-fired pizzas, Korean-inspired appetizers, and has a backyard bar to grab a drink at while you wait for your table.