Where To Eat When You’re Hungover & Have No One To Blame But Yourself

18 places to start apologizing to your body.

Nobody plans for a hangover, just like nobody plans for a terrible sunburn. Either way, you were just a little reckless and now it feels like your body is on fire and even the slightest movement will make you scream. But instead of a bucket of aloe, you need fried things, bacon and eggs, and possibly a sandwich the size of a sea turtle. Hopefully, the food at these spots will both distract you from that pain and give you a reason to open your eyes.

The Spots

Provided you can remember to set an alarm and actually wake up in time to place an order before they sell out, El Bagel is a perfect hangover breakfast. El Bagel’s sandwiches (there are seven total) are all outstanding, which is why this place usually sells out by the early afternoon. Any of them are going to make you start to feel like a human again, but our personal favorite is the EB Original, which has scallion cream cheese, roasted jalapeños, and bacon. It’s salty, spicy, and might just make you forget about that bottle of champagne you chugged nine hours ago.

Soup has the power to make most people—especially the brutally hungover—feel a hell of a lot better. And the pho at this North Miami Beach spot is not one of those sad, watered-down versions that requires overzealous squirts of sriracha and hoisin to be edible. Pho Mi 2 Go serves one of Miami’s best pho. The broth is so rich and beefy that it really doesn’t need any doctoring, although a squirt of lime juice or a Thai basil leaf in each spoonful doesn’t hurt. Get the beef combo pho, which includes brisket, garlicky meatballs, and raw slices of steak that cook in the hot broth.

Mi Colombia is a tiny Colombian restaurant in North Beach with only counter seating. But they serve some really good Colombian food for very affordable prices. They also have that perfect recovery meal known as bandeja paisa for around $11. The massive plate comes with steak, fried pork rind, beans, plantains, rice, avocado, and an egg. And it’s not just the quantity of food that’s impressive. That steak is thin with just a touch of pink in the center, and the plantains go so well with the saltiness of the pork. Pair it with one of their fresh juices, and you might just have the energy to head back to E11even and drain the remainder of your checking account.

Josh’s Deli has many qualities we seek out when a hangover has us feeling like a cruise ship ran over our forehead: bagels, dim lighting, a low noise level, and cocktails that are there if you need them. Any sandwich at this Surfside spot is going to help inflate your spirit like an air mattress, but their pastrami sandwich is so good that it might just have you making eye-contact with strangers by 3pm.

There are two roads to take with a hangover—one leads to something greasy, but the other option is something just a little healthier. For that, go to Athens Juice Bar in North Beach, home of the best fruit salad in Florida. They serve other things like smoothies and acai bowls, but the fruit salad, which is covered with sweet fruit pulp, is going to feel like dipping your head into a bathtub full of cold bananas and watermelon.

There’s actually quite an interesting story behind Royal Castle, the Miami-born chain that once had over 100 locations across the South. But it’s possible that your brain is currently melting, so we’ll get to the point. This 24/7 restaurant in Gladeview serves all-day breakfast and—what you really want in this situation—amazing slider “six-packs.” The mini-burgers have soft buns, thin patties, diced onions, a pickle, melted American cheese, and are six very good reasons to get out of your bed and leave the house. The patty melt is also great.

If you had a bender Saturday night, then this is the place you need to go Sunday morning. L’Auberge is a Haitian restaurant in North Miami that serves soup joumou every Sunday until they sell out, usually in the early afternoon—so try not to hit snooze until 4pm. It’d really be a shame if you missed this traditional pumpkin soup, which is chock full of beef, root vegetables, noodles, and bold spices like scotch bonnet peppers and cloves. It also comes with a hunk of fresh Creole bread and a banana to soak up all that alcohol.

As long as it’s not Sunday—the one day a week this Edgewater spot is closed—Enriqueta’s is going to bring you back to life. It’s a great, classic Cuban diner with breakfast specials under $10, along with a novela of big sandwiches. We generally go with the pan con bistec or the classic Cubano, but if your head feels like an overfilled water balloon, then you might need the croqueta preparada, which is basically just a Cuban sandwich with croquetas stuffed inside.

This dinner-only Pakistani restaurant in Kendall opens at 1pm on Sundays, making it the perfect spot to grab a spicy, restorative, stick-to-your ribs meal. We highly recommend ordering the chicken haleem here. It’s a traditional breakfast dish made with cracked wheat and a variety of lentils along with shredded chicken that all just melt into each other. It’s one of the world’s greatest comfort foods with its soft, velvety texture that tastes like a halfway point between congee and a perfect bowl of oatmeal. Make sure to ask for the traditional garnishes, which really liven the dish up: lime wedges, julienned ginger, cilantro, chopped chili, and chaat masala. Right now, Lazeez is doing takeout only, and we strongly advise calling ahead of time to place your order.

If any Miami food could be categorized as a medical device, it’s the Cuban sandwich. Wave it under an unconscious person’s nose to wake them up, slip it underneath someone’s head to brace their neck, or consume one whole if you and your friends decided to take eight shots from the cheapest bottle of tequila they sold at Total Wine. The Cubano at this Little Havana sandwich shop is so good, you’ll forget about all eight of those shots for at least ten minutes while you marvel at how perfect every bite of this thing is. Grab a cafecito on the way out and go top-shelf next time.

When we’re hungover, all we really want is bread, eggs, and someone to refill our coffee after every five sips. That’s exactly what you’ll get at this classic MiMo diner. Jimmy’s is simple in a good way, with leather booths you’ll sink into and diner staples like eggs, sausage, pancakes, a patty melt, and a lot more you can eat when you’re not whispering “What have I done?” into your coffee.

There has to be something on this Hialeah deli’s menu that sounds good even if you consumed an entire bottle of champagne nine hours ago. Are you a breakfast person? Things like the bagel and lox and fried chicken and waffles are served all day. Need something bigger? Get any sandwich that includes pastrami (the Rachel is the best) or one of the very good burgers, since this place is from the team behind Kush. A whiskey egg cream doesn’t sound like a bad idea either, huh?

If a fresh passion fruit juice and an arepa from Doggi’s in MiMo don’t start to make you feel a tiny bit like a person again, you may just want to go back to bed and try again tomorrow. We have yet to meet a hangover that couldn’t be at least lightened by this duo, especially if we’re ordering the arepa santa bárbara, which is an overstuffed pocket of churrasco, tomato, avocado, and cheese. You’re also going to need about 70% of the excellent sauce found inside the squeeze bottles on the table.

It doesn’t matter when you eventually make it out of bed—brunch, lunch, or dinner—Blue Collar will be waiting for you with a menu that will remind you of simpler times, times when you didn’t feel like a punching bag in a gym full of the best heavyweight boxers in the world. Their cheeseburger, spicy braised meats, and shrimp and grits are all ideal for days like this. Plus, they’re available all-day, so feel free to hit that snooze button like Mike Tyson.

This small local chain of convenience stores has a handful of locations throughout Miami. We like their Coral Way shop for its proximity to some great restaurants. And while you can fill your car up with regular unleaded here, we feel that the “fuel” in Mendez Fuel actually stands for refueling after a night of slightly too much drinking. When nursing a hangover, we make a beeline to the electrolyte-infused waters and adaptogen-enhanced tonics so we can power through the day. Also make sure to grab one of Miami’s very own Exquisito Chocolate bars, because chocolate makes everything better. There's also a great beer selection here, for a little hair of the dog.

Think of the classic frita and a batido as Batman and Robin, and your hangover is one of the many villains they fight. Or just think of them as a very good sandwich and a creamy Cuban milkshake. Or just don’t think at all, and come to this Little Havana diner and order them. You might need two.

Chug’s serves the food of a fancy restaurant, but the Coconut Grove diner is casual enough that you can still show up in last night’s outfit and inhale one of the best pancakes in Miami. They also have both strong coffee and cocktails (in case you want to keep the party going). The food is the main reason you come here, though. That cast iron pancake we mentioned is excellent. But if you’re really hungry, go for the substantial La Completa, a hefty plate of three eggs, potatoes, and Cuban toast. A PB&J pastelito for dessert is also a very good idea.

Peruvians know that the ideal hangover cure is a big plate of spicy ceviche, and Dr. Limon’s medically-themed options are sure to bring you back to life. The Remedio Casero ceviche (which translates to “home remedy”) is a classic Peruvian fish ceviche flecked with bright-tasting ají limo chiles. If you got a little crazy last night and lost some articles of clothing in the process, the Loco Calato (AKA “naked maniac”) ceviche may not restore your dignity (or missing socks), but these tangy fried ceviche balls are the perfect thing to eat when you want something refreshing, crunchy, and deep-fried all in one bite.

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