While the menu at this Kendall spot is extensive, it’s hard to get past the list of ceviches, which are not only perfectly prepared but also include some really fun creations that showcase regional Peruvian flavors. El charapa, for example, is a nod to the Peruvian Amazon and is seasoned with saw tooth coriander, a favorite herb from the area. In the middle of the bowl is a traditional Amazonian plantain and pork rind ball called a tacacho (kind of like mofongo), which you should break apart and use to soak up the leche de tigre from the ceviche. There are also other imaginative options like a triple-layered parfait ceviche and even deep-fried ceviche croquettes. Additionally, this is one of the best places in Miami for affordable ceviche, all of which come in under $20.

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