The pho at this tiny North Miami Beach Vietnamese spot is not one of those sad, watered-down versions that requires overzealous squirts of sriracha and hoisin to be edible. Pho Mi 2 Go serve’s one of Miami’s best pho. The broth here is so rich and beefy that it really doesn’t need any doctoring, although we find that a squirt of lime juice or a Thai basil leaf in each spoonful certainly doesn’t hurt. Get the beef combo pho, which includes brisket, garlicky meatballs, and raw slices of steak that cook in the hot broth. The homemade herbal teas, like the lightly sweetened lemongrass, come in enormous glasses and help cool you down between slurps of hot soup. They also do solid banh mi and a couple of other Vietnamese staples with some Korean influences.

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