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Blue Collar review image

MIA Review

Blue Collar

MiMo’s tiny Blue Collar is kind of like an upscale diner, serving a great cheeseburger, big sandwiches, and braised meats.

Jimmy’s East-Side Diner review image

MIA Review

Jimmy’s East-Side Diner

Jimmy’s is an old-school diner in MiMo that’s everything you want in a greasy spoon, and was also featured in a scene in _Moonlight_.

Burger Bob’s  review image

MIA Review

Burger Bob’s

Burger Bob’s is an old school cash-only diner on a golf course in Coral Gables. The burgers are tasty and they serve breakfast too.

Coral Bagels review image

MIA Review

Coral Bagels

Coral Bagels is a casual breakfast spot in the Gables where you can find UM kids eating diner-style breakfast.

Gregory’s Diner review image

MIA Review

Gregory’s Diner

Gregory’s is an upscale diner in MiMo’s vintage Vagabond Hotel.