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Bird & Tie review image

LDN Review

Bird & Tie

A Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant in Clapham serving some seriously spicy burgers in a casual dining room.

The Dairy review image

LDN Review

The Dairy

You can have a very memorable meal at The Dairy, but even when things don’t quite gel, the British food at this Clapham spot is still solid.

Party Store Pizza review image

LDN Review

Party Store Pizza

The deep-pan pizzas from this takeaway and delivery-only spot in Clapham are some of the best you can get in London.

The Black Lab Coffee House review image

LDN Review

The Black Lab Coffee House

Black Lab is a roomy coffee spot opposite Clapham Common, ideal for a catch-up or a sit-down.

Brickwood Coffee & Bread review image

LDN Review

Brickwood Coffee & Bread

Brickwood is a friendly and comfortable coffee shop opposite Clapham Common.

The Landor review image

LDN Review

The Landor

The Landor is a friendly pub in Clapham that has one of the best beer gardens in London.

Minnow review image

LDN Review


Minnow is a neighbourhood place in Clapham serving Modern British dishes. There’s a patio at the back, as well as a bar downstairs for date night.

Barsito review image

LDN Review


Barsito is a neighbourhood tapas restaurant in Clapham serving lovely authentic Spanish food. The rustic, casual space is perfect for low key dinner.