Sappho Meze Bar

Recreating that bustling energy of a holiday meal is no easy feat, particularly when you’re enjoying honey-drenched halloumi and kofte skewers while it’s biblical outside. But Sappho Meze Bar does its best to give you that homely and hectic feel. The Greek restaurant on Clapham High Street packs people into its small, basic space, complete with blue accents, and focuses on feeding them heartily. Salty homemade tirosalata is always a winner and a plate of lamb chops on a bed of oregano-covered chips is, quite frankly, a hard thing to say no to. It’s by no means the best Greek food in London, but it’s good-value and the close-knit, jovial atmosphere make it a fun, Thursday-night-with-a-few-drinks kind of restaurant.

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