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Where To Celebrate Eid In London Now That You Can Finally Eat Before 8pm

10 excellent halal restaurants where you can make up for lost time.

After a whole lot of will-she-won’t-she moments with moon sightings, Eid is finally on the horizon. You made it. And you know what that calls for? A big blow-out meal with your nearest and dearest. Whether that’s your family, your flat mates, or everyone who you said you’d make plans with ‘after Ramadan’, these are 10 great restaurants to have your first meal back. 


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This airy Persian spot off Kensington High Street is spacious and call-ahead-as-you’re-parking-up kind of casual, which is ideal for an easy-go-lucky (read: extremely disorganised) group. Start by getting double the amount of freshly baked naan you think is necessary—you’ll smell it as soon as you walk in—and a mixed mezze starter. The chicken biryani is one of our favourite things to eat here, as are the charred lamb chops. The koobideh is also some of the juiciest around. The portions are hefty, but when you’ve had a month of waiting until sunset to eat, we have a feeling you’ll do just fine. 

photo credit: Aleksandra Boruch


From the piles of steaming hot hand-pulled noodles, to the pristine floral tablecloths soon to be chilli oil-stained—everything at Etles comes from a husband and wife duo. This living room of a restaurant, complete with two-tone walls, lacy curtains, and a chintzy chandelier, suits all kinds of situations. But given the warm hospitality, we always want to eat here as a family—relatives or not. This Uyghur spot prides itself on feeling like a home away from home. 

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When we want to feel like we’re at a party with really really good food, we like to come to Brigadiers. Every room in this maze of an Indian restaurant in the City is full of red leather, polished mahogany, and gold detail. You’ll be having so much fun you simply will not want to leave. Especially after eating the best tandoori lamb chops in London—yep we said it—and getting messy with the BBQ butter chicken wings. You’ll peek into a private dining room with HD TV screens playing the football on your way to the toilet. Then you’ll find yourself in the pool room and realise this is the most fun you’ve ever had in a restaurant.

Meals at Cantonese restaurants in London usually involve a strong focus on the seafood dishes, a lot of “does this have pork in it?”, and very, very rarely some halal duck. But not only does this cosy spot on Upper Street serve halal roast duck, whole soy chicken, and fried shredded crispy beef, it doesn’t serve any pork. That’s right, no playing dish detective, or keeping a menu to hand in case you need to double check if there’s a surprise meat. At Hong Kong Restaurant you can order with confidence. It also helps that the dim sum is excellent, and the dan dan noodles come in an earthy peanut sauce that we’d happily lick from the bowl. Come in a group and work your way through the lengthy dim sum menu (which is served through until dinner). 

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$$$$Perfect For:BrunchHalal

In an area filled with excellent brunch options, this North African cafe on Balham high street is one that will have you googling house prices in SW12. Heart of Balham is a cosy little spot that’s often packed on the weekend, and this is the place to come for an excellent halal full English. Just about everything on the menu that includes their roasted seasoned potatoes is a winner and as well as the tasty brunch options, they serve chermoula chicken burgers and pastas from 11am. If you’re torn between the buttermilk pancakes or another hot chocolate with marshmallows, get the Moroccan msemen for dessert, and thank us later. 

We know, we know. You’ve spent many an Eid here before. But that’s because this Turkish spot knows its way around a group get-together. There are mixed meze platters, there’s sarma kuzu beyti, and there’s chaos, and we love it all. A stalwart mini-chain with spots dotted around north east London, the Green Lanes location feels the cosiest. With plenty of tables for groups and a kunafa that requires sharing, it’s perfect for a family gathering. The menus have something for everybody, but the thing you really won’t want to miss is the manti.

photo credit: Karolina Wiercigroch

Nothing says ‘we’re celebrating’ like a table full of bamboo steamers. Does this Chinese spot in Marylebone have the best dim sum in London? We think so. Now strap in, because here comes our order. You’re going to want the prawn and chive dumplings, the prawn cheung fun, the sesame prawn rolls, and some more prawn cheung fun. Around this point you’ll consider the prawn dumplings and then think, well that’s a lot of prawn. Ignore that voice. Go ahead and lean into the seafood offerings and please note, the Royal China classic cheung fun is essential.

What if I’ve made the wrong choice? Why did the server’s left eye twitch when I ordered that? Did I lock the front door before I left? Yes, food envy can have you questioning everything. But you can relax, because we haven’t met a dish at this Sri Lankan restaurant that we didn’t like. Everything is excellent, from the dosas to the lamb shank buriani, to the biggest prawns you will probably ever lay eyes on. Plus, the food is designed for groups, which means your food envy can take a day off. They’ve got locations in King’s Cross, Soho, and Marylebone—but if you’re rocking up in a big group, we’d go for their King’s Cross restaurant.

If a month of no morning coffee has got you more in the mood for brunch, head to Bake Street in Hackney. It’s best known for its brilliant brunch and weekend menu that has become the stuff of legend. People travel far and wide to get an 11am Nashville-style hot fried chicken sandwich, or a tom yum bun. Lamb birria tacos—so rich, so soft, and just a little cheesy—taste like they’ve been slow-cooked to D’Angelo, and the migas con potatos (with crispy potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese crisp, salsa) are there for those who need their weekend egg fix. The meat is all halal, and although there’s limited seating out front, you’re only a short stroll away from Stoke Newington Common where you can make a picnic out of it.

This all-day restaurant in Park Royal makes some seriously good Middle Eastern food. Beit el Zaytoun is a great place to enjoy a relaxed Lebanese brunch in their outdoor area, with meat and cheese manakeesh, halloumi, and zait w zaatar all on the menu until mid-afternoon. We’d opt for a selection of the manakeesh, some mezze, and some fattoush salad on the side. It also stays open until late when you can get shawarmas and wrap platters. They paused their brunch service during Ramadan so call ahead and book to avoid disappointment. 

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photo credit: Aleksandra Boruch

Where To Celebrate Eid In London Now That You Can Finally Eat Before 8pm image