Sadaf Restaurant

When it comes to your favourite go-to restaurants in London, you’ve probably got a healthy rotation of decently priced, satisfying meals that you’re pretty set on. Well, this is our pitch for why Sadaf should be added to that rotation. 

This airy spot behind High Street Kensington is the type of place you’ll visit time and time again, not because the food is unlike anything you’ll ever have tasted, or they’ve got a harp player in the entrance, but because this is the kind of reliable spot with tasty food that’s worth knowing about. After temporarily closing their original Bayswater spot for refurbishment, they opened this second, bigger location on Campden Hill Road. And they’ve maintained the same quality of food, from excellent freshly baked naan that you can smell as soon as you walk in, to the aromatic chicken biryani and tender koobideh skewers that you’ll be reluctant to share. The bottom line is, this is a superbly dependable restaurant with great Persian classics.

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Ideal for dinner with the parents, or catching up with friends, the right way to have a meal here is in a group situation. That way you can get the mixed starter selection, which means more opportunity for scooping excellent kashk e bademjan in warm bread, as well as some meaty koobideh skewers, lamb chops, and juicy charred joojeh for the table. The grilled meats all come with rice, but we’d still recommend ordering the chicken biryani, because it’s that good. While the service can be a little slow when it’s busy, one thing you never have to worry about when hitting this Kensington spot is all members of your party getting full. And, if you get the biryani, you probably won’t have to worry about your lunch the next day either. So the next time you’re thinking of playing it safe, head to this wholesome restaurant for some tasty Persian classics.

Food Rundown

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You’ll smell this bread before you even step foot inside the restaurant. In fact it might even be the reason you enter in the first place. Freshly baked in a clay oven, these taste exactly as good as they smell.

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Mast O Khair

This fresh yoghurt and cucumber dip is a must order, not just so that you can eat it with the freshly baked naan, but so you can dollop it onto your rice and meat.

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Khask E Bademjan

Served warm, this mashed aubergine dip is tangy from the kashke, creamy from the aubergine, and perfect with the warm naan.

Sadaf Mixed Starter Selection

Get this if you want to try a bit of everything, it’s got all the popular dips so you can’t go wrong.

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Chicken Biryani

This is a humongous portion of rice, just as well, because it’s delicious. Generously mixed with tender chicken pieces, onions, peppers, and parsley, this is a great thing to order for the table. And if no one wants to share, then order it for yourself and take the leftovers home. Future you will be grateful.

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Joojeh Kebab

The boneless chicken cubes here are juicy and citrusy on the inside and charred to perfection on the outside.

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Kebab Sultani

The grilled meats here are great, but this dish is one of our favourites. Two skewers of meat, one fillet and one koobideh, both juicy, buttery, and perfectly spiced.

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