There are restaurants we like. And then there are restaurants that make us want to bulk order megaphones and walk the streets of London guiding unsuspecting hungry people towards some Jaffna lamb chops. Hoppers in King’s Cross is the latter. We’re big fans of their original spot in Soho and although they’ve brought their signature egg hoppers, bone marrow varuval, and lamb shank buriani with them to St Pancras Square you’ll find plenty of new things on the menu. Including the World’s Buffest Prawns, that from here on out we’ll refer to as BBQ Zeus—and yes, we will be starting a fan club entitled Crustacean Nation, thanks for asking. Outside of their excellent dosas, hoppers, and Sri Lankan bites, you’ll definitely want to get involved in the chickpea and cashew kari and realistically, as many dishes as you can fit on your table.

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photo credit: Hopper's Kings Cross

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