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London’s Best £7 Grab And Go Meals

The best grab and go options for around £7, for when you and your food have places to be (which may or may not involve the sofa).

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Where To Eat Out When Your Bank Balance Says Eat In

Londoners are a frantic bunch. Most people here go about their day like a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant playing from a rollercoaster with a just-discovered faulty seatbelt. That’s why, a lot of the time, we need to be fed quickly, cheaply, and deliciously. Because one more stress is not necessary.

Sadly though, a fiver doesn’t get you much these days. And a tenner is a bit much. But for £7, seven good, honest pounds, a whole invisible street of options opens up all over London, which you can then enjoy at home, on foot, or waiting for the bus.

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Karolina Wiercigroch

Holborn Dining Room

British  in  Holborn
££££ 252 High Holborn

There are few better feelings than reaching into your pocket and finding a chocolate bar you forgot you bought. It’s like a present to yourself. The only better version of this feeling is finding a pie, specifically one from the Holborn Pie Room. This little hole in the wall serves London’s best pies - from pork to potato, comté, and onion - for around seven quid each. Though they fit in the palm of your hand, they’re an extremely solid portion.

Falafel & Shawarma

££££ 27 Camberwell Church St

Freshly made falafel wraps for £3.50 should, we think, be a human right. And you’ll think the same once you’ve spent enough time eating them from Falafel and Shawarma on Camberwell Church Street. This little cash-only spot is open from ten until ten and aside from weighty and delicious wraps, it also serves mezze boxes for just £1 more.

Healthy Eaters

££££ 17 Electric Ave

Healthy Eaters is a Caribbean spot in Brixton where the queue snakes out the door for their jerk chicken, curried goat, and homemade patties. For under £7 you can walk out with a tub packed to the brim with saucy and spiced jerk chicken, rice and peas, and coleslaw. A freshly baked saltfish pattie is an essential as well.

Giulia Verdinelli

Horn OK Please

££££ Borough Market

When you’re looking to grab some food in Borough Market, there are plenty of options, and therefore plenty of dud options, but you can’t go wrong with Horn OK Please. The moong daal dosa - a spiced potato and lentil filled pancake served with channa chaat - is delicious, entirely vegetarian and vegan, and also a snip at £6.

The Fryer's Delight

££££ 19 Theobalds Rd

At least once in your life (we cannot stress at least enough here) you should walk along the pavement eating a foot-long piece of cod or haddock with your hands. Why? Because why not. The Fryer’s Delight in Farringdon is one of our favourite London chippies, and a bag of chips with a hunk of crispy fish on top is the £7 dinner of champions.

The Cheese Bar

££££ Unit 93 North Yard

Aside from trying on alien-themed neon beanies in Cyberdog, there’s only really one other reason to enter Camden Stables, and that’s to grab a toastie from The Cheese Bar. Although the bigger dishes here can edge into so-so territory, their £7 brie toastie with rocket and smoked chilli jam is an always gooey and crispy winner.

Giulia Verdinelli

Chang's Noodle

££££ 36-38 New Oxford St

Although you can definitely grab the shan xi yo po, or chow mian noodles from Chang’s and be on your merry way with change from a tenner, we’d really recommend just having a quick sit down to enjoy them. That isn’t to say they won’t still be delicious if you take them home with you though. Also, it’s cash-only here.

Bun House

££££ 26 - 27 Lisle Street

Bun House in Chinatown is a must-know spot if you’ve got a fiver on you and you’re looking to have a couple of quick and tasty snacks. The steamed buns here cost £2.50 each and come filled with everything from BBQ pork, to vegetables, to custard. One is perfect for a quick snack, while two is pretty filling and pretty tasty as well.

Karolina Wiercigroch

Andu Café

££££ 528 Kingsland Rd

Time isn’t money in London. Time is lost minutes in your PJs watching Louis Theroux. If you want to save both time and money, then grab a vegan sampler platter from Andu Café on the Kingsland Road. A nice round fiver will get you a takeaway box full of all six vegan dishes (as well as injera or rice), which go very well with a side of iPlayer.

Zen Washoku

££££ Unit 10, Nag's Head Market, 22 Seven Sisters Road

Seven Sisters, one of north London’s most fantastically bits and bobs roads, is home to Nag’s Head Market, one of London’s most fantastically bits and bobs markets. Inside that is Zen Washoku a lovely little Japanese restaurant where you can pick up a bowl of egg donburi, or a vegetable curry, for under seven quid.


Greek  in  Hackney
££££ 199 Homerton High Street

Imagine, just for a second, an actual land made out of souvlaki. Bridges built out of seasoned chips, clouds of pitta bread, rivers of tzatziki, skyscrapers of grilled meat, pavements of halloumi, and you, just sitting there, eating your environment. Sounds good right? Well it’s not gonna happen. But Souvlakiland in Homerton is your next best bet. Especially at around a fiver for a fantastic wrap.

Karoliona Wiercigroch

Good Friend

££££ 14 Little Newport St

There are good friends, and then there are good friends who happen to be fried chicken. Don’t ask us to choose between them. Good Friend in Chinatown serves up Taiwanese-style fried chicken with a variety of seasonings to sprinkle on top. The popcorn chicken is our go-to: a big bag of crispy goodness that costs under a fiver.

Karolina Wiercigroch

Theo's Pizzeria

Pizza  in  Camberwell
££££ 2 Grove Lane

Going to a pizzeria and not ordering pizza feels a bit wrong. But, like going to the cinema for a date, it makes sense sometimes. And one of those times is if Theo’s is involved. Yes their pizzas are delicious, but so to are their woodfire panuozzo sandwiches. For around £6 you can get one of the best tuna melts around, or, if you’re picky, build your own sandwich. Whatever you do, don’t leave without any of their homemade chilli sauce.

Temple of Seitan

££££ 103A Camley St

Seitan is basically pure gluten. However Temple of Gluten sounds like an anti-celiac cult, so this name is definitely better. Their Camden branch, which is also pretty much King’s Cross, is ideal if you want to pick up a £7 faux-chicken burger to munch in front of the telly.

Troy Bar

££££ 10 Hoxton St

Maybe, probably, definitely, the best thing in Shoreditch these days is Troy Bar. This little Caribbean bar does London’s best lunchtime deal: £5 for jerk chicken or curry goat with rice and pea, plantain, and coleslaw. And it’s available to pick up for a couple of quid more in the evenings.

La Crêperie de Hampstead

French  in  Hampstead
££££ 77 Hampstead High St

Exactly 42 minutes into any walk across Hampstead Heath, your internal monologue will pause, hands on hips, and say “hungry”. And thus, the rumbly trudge to the crêperie stall begins. This place has been here since the beginning of time, and continues to sell delicious, cheesy, or Nutella-y crêpes for around £6.

M Manze

British  in  Peckham
££££ 105 High St

Any meal that’s been relied upon for centuries is good enough for us. Sorry avocado toast, you’re getting nowhere near this list. The Peckham branch of M. Manze’s has been serving up pie, mash, and liquor since 1927. You can walk out of here with a couple of pies and the rest for around seven quid. If you’re very hungry, this is the business.

Beigel Bake

££££ 159 Brick Ln

Aside from the odd tactically preserved mid-flight peri peri wrap, we’re not really into eating on the move. Beigel Bake is the exception when on foot. A salt beef bagel and a chocolate slice will cost you under £7 from this Brick Lane institution. Or, do as we do: have a salt beef main on the go, and a smoked salmon cream cheese dessert at home.

Made of Dough

££££ 182 Bellenden Road

A margherita from Made of Dough is easily one of the best value meals you can get in Peckham or Brixton. The dough is charred and chewy, the sauce tasty, and the price right (£7). The only problem is leaving without their peanut butter, vanilla, and Kahlua milkshake. So come with a friend and grab both.

Mr Falafel

££££ T4-T5 New Shepherds Bush Market

Potato and bread are food royalty in our eyes. When put together, they’re the only royal wedding we could ever be interested in. The deluxe wrap from Mr Falafel in Shepherds Bush Market is one our favourite examples of this combo. For £7 you’ll get falafel, hummus, fried aubergine, pickled veg, plus a load of fried cauliflower and potato. This is a grab and go to have some alone time with.

Silk Road

££££ 49 Camberwell Church St

The hand pulled noodles at Silk Road are some of the best value plates of food you can find in London. This Camberwell spot specialises in Xinjiang cuisine, and the Xinjiang-style fried noodles are a bargain at £6.50. There’s a lot of good value food to choose from here, but don’t be surprised if you end up walking out with seven £1 lamb shish skewers.

Karolina Wiercigroch

Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall

Chinese  in  Soho
££££ 23 Greek St

If holes in the wall don’t seem particularly romantic to you, then you haven’t had a jian bing from Pleasant Lady in Soho. These Chinese crepes are filled with vegetables, herbs, a fried egg, chilli oil, and crispy wontons. Like every meal under £7 should be, it’s enormous, tasty, and something you’ll want all the time.


Italian  in  Chelsea
££££ 349 Fulham Rd

Luigi’s is one of those places that everyone wishes they had near them, at all times. This old school Italian deli is a go-to if you’re in and around Chelsea, but not looking to pay Chelsea prices. Come and pick up a bresaola and pecorino sandwich alongside one of their many daily salads, or, grab some gnocchi from their huge selection of hot stuff for later.


££££ 134 Baker street

Chik’n is a classy fast food shop from the folks behind Chick ‘N’ Sours. If you have the misfortune to be hangry and in Baker Street, then you want to grab some chicken from here. Their classic sandwich is a go-to, but so are six hot wings. We’ll leave that choice up to you.

Old Chang Kee

££££ 15 New Row

A curry puff is basically a Singaporean version of a Cornish pasty, crimping and all. Frankly, with Old Chang Lee selling two puffs for £6 in Covent Garden, we suspect Greggs may be diversifying even more. Fillings include curried chicken, potato, and egg. Or, a Singapore chilli crab if you’re feeling adventurous. Everything else, like laksa and noodles, is also under a tenner.

Banh Mi Bay

££££ 21 Rathbone St

Getting around central London tends to make us frustrated, and very hungry. If you’re anything like us then you’ll want to know about Bahn Mi Bay in Fitzrovia. This convenient takeaway-only branch is located in between Oxford Circus, Goodge Street, and Tottenham Court Road, offering pho, bun noodle salads, and bahn mi for under seven pounds.

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